Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's December 1st. I'm still walking around asking myself how can it be December already. Man, I'm getting old. Pretty soon you'll find me yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

I've gotten back to my usual routine (because that's what a healthy lifestyle is, a daily routine for life, something that you get right back to after an event/vacation/holiday because this is how it WORKS) and I'm feeling lighter after just a few days of eating right.

What does "eating right" consist of? Cutting back sugar and junk carbs, eating mindfully, watching my portions, lots of green tea, water and fresh veggie juice , a substantial breakfast such as soft boiled farm eggs on homemade whole grain bread or banana custard oats, fresh fruit, almonds, low fat cheese for snacks, protein and veggie lunches, and delicious and nutritious dinners. Also limiting wine and spirits until the latter half of the month.

Speaking of delicious and nutritious dinners, here's what I have planned...

grass fed beef and three bean chili
white bean and chorizo soup with kale
deviled chicken with broccoli and herbed rice
chicken dijon stew with escarole
chicken piccata with lemony brown rice and spinach salad

I have chicken bones and veggie scraps bubbling on the stove, which will become a rich stock to be used in the above recipes.

Not much else to report other than kinda looking forward to boot camp on Friday morning.

What are your plans to keep December a healthy month?

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  1. This article sums up very nicely the bits and pieces I've read hear and there. It sure is easy to get into a treadmill rut. It's better than nothing but I think the idea of challenging yourself and then recovering takes your body off autopilot and makes the time for effective. Every expert states that building muscle is the smartest thing you can do. The best part? It's never too late to start. Great post!