Friday, December 17, 2010

Deck The Halls with Mounds of Cookies


The cookie swap was a lovely time and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I really like entertaining, I would like to do it more often. But it's tough to have so much tasty food around, I suppose that's why I keep it to certain times of the year.

I just finished running around setting the house back to rights, all the cookies packed safely away for packaging as gifts and memories of Fat Andra dancing in my head. There's a time where I'd have been on the couch eating many more cookies after everyone had gone home. Now I'm chugging water thinking about a nice long walk this weekend, which I'm craving way more than cookies at the moment.

I got the house all festive for the holidays...

Pink and Polar Bear Poinsettias

Fraser Fir decked out in pink glittery sweets

I even got myself decked in some fun elf knee socks (such a small thing but I just love that I can buy "regular" size knee socks and actually pull them up to my knee) and a sparkly manicure. I apologize in advance for my dishpan cuticles...

This is before everyone arrived...

Sarah brought homemade Gluhwein, complete with whole star anise, which made it very different from any mulled wine I've ever tried. It was wonderful!

I served a jeweled fruit salad starring mango, pomegranate, clementines, pink grapefruit, red grapes, jicama and plump, sweet blueberries which were a real find in December, all dressed in a sweet heat blend of chili pepper, lime juice and honey. I also served warm, toasty Monte Cristo sandwiches along with a festive spiced coffee, which is ground cinnamon/cloves/nutmeg and fresh clementine zest blended in to plain ground coffee before brewing. Yum.

And of course there were mountains of cookies, which didn't make it into any photos because we were too busy having at them. There were chocolate cookies that tasted like the most delicious cake frosting in the Universe courtesy of Donna, Lisa brought the Neiman Marcus famous $250 chocolate chip cookie, Sarah made Swedish coconut cookies where were buttery and lacy and Tracy made a bounty of her signature white chocolate cranberry shortbread. My glazed lime meltaways were a hit with Tracy's 5 year old daughter Caty, which she proclaimed she wanted to marry. I wish I had taken more photos but laughing, chatting and eating took precedent. We did a Yankee Swap where we all behaved like ladies and I had a contest to see who could guess the amount of corks in the vase. Lisa took the prize. Can you guess how many?

It's way more than it looks.

That's my cookie baking done for another year, as much as I enjoy it, once a year is more than enough. What are your holiday baking and/or entertaining plans for this year?

506 corks, were you close?


  1. Oh my! I love every single photo in this post but your tree is fantastic!!

  2. Thanks so much Alicia! It's the one I've always wanted but took 40 years to get. :)

  3. I would love the recipe for the lime meltaways!


  4. Ro, the recipe is from Martha Stewart...

    They are so easy and totally tangy and delicious. Enjoy!

  5. I agree-- your tree looks wonderful! And I love the photo of your nails. and the wine, and fruit salad, and socks! Don't you just love the holidays?!

  6. thank you muchly...that'll be my cookie project for the weekend!


  7. Love all the photos, and your tree is gorgeous!

    Would you share the specifics of your luscious-sounding fruit salad?

  8. I wasnt at all close with my guess! I was thinking like 80.

    And that looks like a beautiful party. :)