Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Look Ahead

I always get a excited at the prospect of a whole new year, a clean slate on which to write my life. The Universe often has other plans, but it's exciting nonetheless. Looking ahead to 2011...

I'm definitely going to do a one or two day juice fast early in January once I have my work schedule sorted out. With a little luck, Rob will have some travel planned so I won't have to worry about food during that time. I'll spend some time stocking the freezer with homemade soup and bread just in case.

I have two trips to Boston planned, two weeks at the end of Feb/start of March and one week in November. The November trip is to take care of my nephews so that my sister and brother-in-law can go away for their anniversary. I'll be learning "the ropes" on the first trip. My first foray into "parenthood" was when I cared for PJ for a week when he was just 4 months old. I think I may have my hands a bit more full this time around.

Rob and I are going to do a charity walk, either a 5 or 10k so there will be training and research for that.

I have two closet goals to work on this year. I bought two pair of pants; one a 14 petite that fit a bit too snugly but were so smart I had to have them, the other a size 10 summer weight denim capri on clearance for so cheap, it would have been silly to leave them behind.

2011 will be the year Rob and I celebrate 10 years of marriage, we haven't decided how we're going to commemorate that milestone, but I look forward to planning it.

New reader Jordan (welcome, great question!) asked about a good book on nutrition advice, while I have yet to find a single comprehensive source on the subject because there is so much conflicting advice out there, I have found plenty of information on the internet, in some books, magazines and documentaries. I'm going to work up a post with all the sources that have helped guide me in developing my strategies for a healthy lifestyle.

I'm currently working on the recipe index for 2010, so look for that.

I'll post my official goals on New Year's Day. Have you started thinking about your New Year?

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