Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reliving the Christmas Magic

Despite being at work all weekend this will definitely go down in the memory books as one of my favorite Christmas celebrations. Christmas Eve morning was a few last minute errands like picking up the milk at the farm, standing in line to get the ham and a brisk walk up the mountain. It was quite cold but it was so nice to that many people were out getting their pre-holiday outdoor fitness on.

Because I grew up in an Italian-American household I tend to crave Italian food this time of year. So Rob and I started what may become a new Christmas Eve tradition and went to Vingenzo's for a late lunch. Vingenzo's makes handcrafted Neopolitan food with all the ingredients being house made or brought over from Naples. It was so good it brought a tear to my eye. It hit the spot for the food but made me (even more) homesick for my family.

Back at home, Rob and I had a mini-mince pie and a cup of tea on Christmas Eve and settled in to watch The Polar Express and A Christmas Story, which is another of our traditions.

It was an early night, I had a 5:30am wake up call for work on Christmas Day. Rob got up with me, filled my to-go cup with fresh, hot coffee and saw me off. Work was crazy busy but fun, you never know what you're going to hear. On this day I was told by one of our enchanting ladies whom is famous for filling in her eyebrows with red lipstick, "You have beautiful teeth and such big breasts!" Rob and I are still laughing about that one. While I was at work it started to snow and while I don't miss Boston snow, a White Christmas in Georgia is a rare and special treat...

I made it home safely where Rob had fires blazing in both the kitchen and family room, the Prosecco chilled and dinner at the ready, he even did all the washing up. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

We opened pressies like the greedy children we are (NERD ALERT: the hats are another tradition, I made them for our first Christmas as a married couple)...

and I was completely surprised and psyched to find a Garmin GPS sports watch under the tree for me! I'll be able to track all my outdoor walking and it even has a heart rate monitor. Rob and I are going to take the watch out for a test walk today.

Then it was time for dinner. Rob snapped this pic of his dinner plate of Honey Baked Ham with a dollop of Branston Pickle, scalloped potatoes a'la Bunny and vichy carrots. I was too busy stuffing my face, it was so good.

It was a wonderful day but it totally wore me out. Mmmm, cozy!

Despite the very early wake up call looming, I went to bed with a smile on my face.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, that you were safe and warm and surrounded by loved ones!

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