Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Chit-Chat

How is everyone faring this week? I can't say that my mojo has fully returned although I met Lisa for a walk up the mountain this morning, it was 20 degrees, but worth every chilly step. It's the best thing I could have done for myself and I'm feeling rather energetic this afternoon as a result.

I've been food shopping and have a big batch of my Mother's Beef and Barley soup simmering on the stove. It smells heavenly in here. Something about making this particular soup makes me miss my Mother (she's up in Revere, MA) but also makes me feel close to her. I will give her a call once I post this.

And because my husband is such a good, kind Bunny (he left the warmth of the house in the middle of Top Gear late on Monday evening to fix his wife's car because she forgot to tell him of the problem earlier in the day) he's getting one of his favorites for dinner, Bangers n' Mash with peas and gravy.

While food shopping this morning, the lady in front of me in line screamed at me when I reached across to grab the little bar that separates the orders on the conveyor. "I'M NOT DONE YET!" Her buggy was empty save for two things up in the top, so it's not like I was trying to rush her. It was very upsetting and totally unnecessary. So much for the holiday spirit. In order to negate this person's rudeness that is floating around in the atmosphere, when I'm out on my holiday errands tomorrow morning, I'm going to be extra nice to fellow shoppers tomorrow. I hope you will do the same.

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  1. mmm...gravy....and I'M NOT DONE YET! What the hell? Sheeba, I'm going to be super chirpy and smiley as well now. Need to share the love :)