Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Chit Chat

Today is my holiday baking day, though I did make some fruitcake yesterday. I'm hosting a cookie swap/brunch for the girls on Friday, which I'm really looking forward to. I won't lie to you, I totally want to subsist on nothing but Christmas cookies and wine/fruitcake and whiskey until January 2nd. But I won't, of course. I'm sticking to my nutritious meals and planning my treats in as well.

I've got lots of healthy dinners planned; homemade beef and barley soup I made last week, a grass fed beef and radicchio pasta dish, homemade minestrone soup and I have Gina's Skinny Santa Fe Chicken in the crock pot for tonight's dinner. It's one of my favorites. Last night was a nice bit of roast chicken breast with acorn squash and steamed broccoli. Those steamer bags are so awesome, it makes broccoli delicious, which is saying so much as it's not one of my favorites.

I've got bread working in the machine and both batches of cookie dough chilling in the fridge. A gooey chocolate butter cookie and one of my favorites, tangy lime. I will get to baking after Rob comes home for lunch.

A Claxton Fruitcake has become a tradition here at Shady Dame, but I could not find one locally this year so far. So I decided to reverse engineer the wonderful confection. It came out quite nice though it needs to be tweaked with more liquid (and booze), less flour and baked a bit less. Once I have it perfected, I will share the recipe. So, where to you stand in that great holiday debate...fruitcake, love it or hate it?

I can't say my fitness routine has been spectacular but Zumba yesterday was particularly excellent with some new dances, one featuring the wonderful Shakira song from the 2010 World Cup. JAMBO!

Time to make the juice as Rob will home any minute. I hope your Wednesday is warm and wonderful. Look forward to hearing from you about the fruitcake and the second part of eating healthy on a budget!


  1. I like fruitcake, but NOT the kind with candied fruit (the bright green and red kind). I like real fruit, lots of nuts and for it to be boozey. The darker the better.

    I made your shepherd's pie recipe last night, but with lamb rather than beef, added some garlic and used fresh rosemary for my herb. I realized after it was done that I'd forgotten the tomato paste too! But it turned out brilliantly. It was all we could do to limit our portion sizes and not eat the whole pan. (We did manage, but it took iron wills!) Thank you so much for sharing that one!

  2. Boozey is good! And yay for the Shepherd's Pie, we've had it twice plus all the leftovers and I'm sure I'll make it again between Christmas and New Year.

  3. I like fruitcake that does not have the neon colored fruit jellies in it. Fruit cake can be really good if made properly!