Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Juice Fast Day 2, Reliving Our Anniversary

I started the day with a refreshing cucumber, fennel, ginger-apple-lemon juice then had a huge mug of green tea with a pinch of stevia. I'll make a heavier juice at lunch time with lots of beet root and a whole bag of spinach. I won't lie to you, I am hungry. Not just hungry, HUUUUNNNNGRYYYY! /Chuck. I'm going to try to stick it out all day but if the hunger rages on I will cook up the collards and serve them with a bit of quinoa and make it a half-day fast.

Let me take my mind elsewhere for a moment and reminisce about our anniversary. It was a really good day.

We slept in then went to Douceur de France for brunch. They make the absolute best coffee drink ever.

All that foam!

Rob had a mug of tomato soup that tasted like liquefied pizza, it was so good. I must try to recreate it in my kitchen.

I couldn't resist the chicken Florentine. Tender marinated chicken on a bed of cooked fresh spinach topped with perfectly poached eggs and served with the "hash browns a'la Fran├žaise", which is a potato cake spiked with green onions and black pepper and griddled to crispy golden brown deliciousness.

Rob had a chicken, tomato and brie baguette. The pastry case is a sight to behold and the eclairs had my mouth watering even though I was full, but I left them behind because I had my favorite treat waiting for me at home.

We left the cafe smiling, the sun was shining and the temperature had risen to 64 degrees!

We went home and changed clothes and headed over to the mountain, it was too nice not to do some exploring. We took a trail we never walked before and set out.

It went on forever, curved this way and that and there wasn't much signage, so after 3 miles we decided to turn back. My left foot started to sting at about 4.5 miles but then the second wind hit, more endorphins bubbled up and the pain subsided. I was so happy when we got back to the truck!

Here are the details of our walk...

6 miles @ Kennesaw Mountain by therealandra at Garmin Connect - Details

I absolutely love my Garmin connect watch, it's so fun to see how each mile compares to the last and the heart rate monitor is a quite a cool tool. When I work more with it and learn more of what it can do I will do a detailed review.

I certainly earned my glass of Champers.

And my torrone...

We had Aussie pies from the local Australian bakery for dinner then settled in to watch the countdown to New Year.

All in all it was a great way to usher out 2010 and welcome in 2011.

Wow, I lasted through the food porn and now it's time for me to make my next juice. I hope your week is starting out in a splendidly low stress way, have a good one!


  1. I had no idea what Aussie pies were, so I had to look it up. It reminds me of my favorite meat pies from the local Celtic Festival. I've been meaning to find a recipe to try to recreate them at home, but pastry terrifies me. Maybe that's a goal for this winter.

  2. Pastry terrifies me, as well. Please keep us posted on your goal and if you find a foolproof pastry recipe!