Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Motivation

"As long as my head's in the right place, my body will follow!"
~~Jodi from the A&E series Heavy

On the surface, a simple statement, but such a pointed, thoughtful idea behind it.  It all starts in our heads; taking steps to find out what is holding us back from reaching our goals, working on the root causes of our unhealthy behaviors, acquiring knowledge to improve our health and finally the willingness or resistance to put that knowledge to practical use.  Our bodies are just along for the ride.  Our heads are in charge of what sort of ride that is going to be;  a vibrant, active ride or a sluggish "just gotta get through this day" ride.

What sort of ride are you on?


  1. She was great on that show. She fought it so hard in the beginning, but I loved seeing her embrace that journey. Such a motivation! I personally switch from the vibrant, active ride to the sluggish one. Just depends on what kinda day it is.

  2. love love love this.
    Just looking for blogs with similar ideas as mine and came across yours. Keep up the great work and check out my blog if youd like!
    Love, Jessica ;)