Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On Choosing a Gym

How's your week going?  It's Wednesday and I've completed the first four days of the 28-Day Body Shapeover.  I'm liking it so far because it's so easy to follow.  If you like explicit instructions, this book is definitely worth a look.  

I did day 1 (focusing on arms and shoulders) and day 2 (HIIT on the treadmill) on Monday and day 3 (focusing on quads, hams and calves) and day 4 (HIIT on the bike) this morning.  For me the option of doubling up on workouts is ideal because it keeps my gym visits to just 3 days, giving me outdoor walking/hiking options on other days if I choose.  I'll do days 5 and 6 on Friday morning and take a nice walk with Rob at the weekend.  

Speaking of gyms, I feel like I've totally outgrown mine.  Unfortunately, I have a little over a year left on my paid membership.  It's a good basic gym but  there is no power cage, no captain's chair, no rowing machine and there's not much room to move around.  If it's crowded, I feel like swinging the bar and knocking people out of my way.  I don't like to feel crowded in.  There's also no classes and no pool, which I'm not too bothered about, I just want a roomy, well-stocked place to lift!

So what to look for when choosing a gym?  It depends on your fitness level and plans for your fitness future.  A tour and some research is a must.  Is the equipment new and well cared for?  Is it clean?  Is the staff knowledgeable and friendly?  The lady who manages my gym in the morning is so nice and is always available to lend a spotting hand if I need it. 

Talk to the members, ask them what they like or don't like about the place.  Do you require a pool?  If so, check out the wet areas.  Do you like classes?  Check out the class schedule to see if they jive with your schedule and find out if they are included in the price.  Nothing worse than signing on the dotted line just to find that certain classes have an over and above charge.  

Do you love to ride the elliptical trainer while watching TV?  Check to see how many trainers there are and if the TVs are all in working order so you don't find having longs waits for equipment or having to stare at the back of some person's  head instead of Regis and Kelly. 

And never, never be afraid to negotiate.  Don't ever pay full price! 

I hope that was helpful.  In other news, we had a baby shower for our beloved supervisor on Monday night.  She's due in just 4 weeks.  I crocheted a baby blanket and it came out so nice...

It was made with two strands of super soft yarn worked together, pink and white, to give that lovely effect.  It's so sweet!  Here's a closeup of the detail...

Baby bubbles!  We are going to miss Afia when she goes on maternity leave, she's the calming presence in a job that can be insane.  

I have some random food porn to put together in a post, and will have more no doubt after the nice dinners I have forthcoming.  So watch for that.  Have a good one!


  1. Is there no way to get a refund on your gym?

  2. That is a very good question, Rosa. I really have no idea, but it may be worth asking next time.

  3. lol, yes I do watch tv when doing my cardio. I do elliptical 6 dys a week around 5pm which coincides with wendy william show.. and she keeps me there for the whole hour.. If I stop or get tired I wont be able to finish watching the show at the gym lol which is funny..

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