Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Raise Your Juice Glass to Jack Lalanne!

I was saddened to hear that Jack Lalanne passed away yesterday at the age of 96.  Mr. Lalanne was a paragon of healthy living, spreading his message of fitness, juicing and healthy eating for longer than most of us have been alive.  

I've thought of him a lot over the past few years, thoughts that yes, treating the body with respect really can lead to a long, vibrant life.  And Mr. Lalanne certainly enjoyed a long, healthy life.  He will be missed, but his message will always be kept alive by people who strive to live active, healthy lives.

Here are some of my favorite things that Mr. Lalanne had to say...

"The only way you can hurt the body is not use it.  
Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it's never too late."

"It's a lifestyle, it's something you do the rest of your life.  
How long are you going to keep breathing? 
How long do you keep eating? You just do it." 

“Anything in life is possible, if YOU make it happen!”

So fire up your juicer, make some fresh juice then raise your glass to Jack Lalanne!


  1. That is very side. I didn't know much about Jack Lalanne except for the infomercials for his juicer. I've never purchased a juicer but it always looks so tempting. Maybe in the future I'll try one out and his are on the top of the list.

  2. I'll admit, I've been a lurker for awhile now and love reading your blog posts. Very inspirational!

    I recently purchased a Jack Lalanne juicer that arrived this week and I just love it! It's amazing how a glass of fresh veggie juice can make you feel!