Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions and Renewals

Happy happy happy 2011! A whole new year to re-invent yourself healthy or to re-commit to your healthy lifestyle that may have gotten caught under too much fruitcake (like mine did.) Here are my goals for 2011 so I can track my progress as the year unfolds.

1. To train for and complete a charity walk. That means lots of walking, cardio-conditioning and lower body strength training. I'm leaning toward the 10K Classic held in Atlanta every Labor Day.

2. Work on my meeting my two closet goals, which means back into fat loss mode. I will be sure to post photos as and when.

3. In 2010 we got the office project completed, now we're going to turn our sights on the second guest room. We are going to get the bed set up, install new shades, decorate and get it "guest ready."

4. Continue to embrace and refine my healthy habits, eat colorful at every meal and continue to deal with stress in non-food ways.

What do you have planned for yourself in 2011?


  1. This year, I'm keeping my goal simple:
    Make better food choices for myself. I plan to eat more whole grains and fresh vegetables (both of which I enjoy anyway) and less of processed and/or fast foods (which I also enjoy, unfortunately).

  2. this is the year of the juicer!!!