Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Chit-Chat

Happy Saturday!  It's been a gorgeous day here, sunny, breezy and it hit 70 degrees so I had all the windows open.  Rob's away working so I've been trying to keep myself busy.  The first couple of days were rough with boredom/lonely snacking but I got that in check.

Despite the snacking, I'm able to pull on my closet goal jeans and actually button them without having to do that jumping up and down thing that we women do when the jeans get a little tight.  I know you know what I'm talking about.  I couldn't even button or zip them when I bought them, so this is a big deal!  They are still snug, not sure if I'll be ready to wear them for the trip, it's going to be a close call.  Either way, I'm heading in the right direction.

I started the day with a refreshing fruit salad and coffee with real cream.  Nothing is more delicious in coffee than the very topmost layer of the cream that rises to the top of the farm milk.  As for the salad, the cantaloupe and citrus tasted so good but the blueberries were awful.

Before lunch I went for a nice walk because it was just too gorgeous to stay inside.  Look at that bright blue sky...

There are signs of spring everywhere you look...

The Japanese magnolia is covered in fuzzy little buds.  Won't be long before the tree bursts in an explosion of pink.  I can't wait!

The daffodils are getting taller and the first buds are starting to appear.  I hope a few of these sunny yellow flowers pop before I head north to more winter weather.

And my camellias are in bloom.  It makes me eager for planting my herbs and tomatoes.  Not long now!

Lunch was just a big green salad with turkey and blue cheese crumbles, then I had a mug of chai tea for a snack.  Hot milky tea is very satisfying.

I made an especially delicious supper, eating alone on Saturday night deserves special culinary attention.  Yesterday I blanched a bunch of broccoli rabe and chopped it up, cooked up 1/2 cup of red quinoa and stashed them in the fridge.  This evening, I sauteed the rabes in garlic and olive oil, tossed in some cauliflower florets that I quickly steamed then stirred in the quinoa, some sweet cherry peppers and a few chopped walnuts then topped it with a few feta crumbles.  So quick, so delicious!  And there is plenty leftover to take for supper to work on Monday night.  

This evening's festivities include a phone call from Rob, painting my nails with my new China Glaze black crackle polish and reading book reviews.  I'll want something good to download for the flight.  I treated myself to a Nook Color yesterday but have yet to decide on what books to purchase, there is just too much to choose from. Maybe you can help with that!

What you been reading good?

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