Monday, January 3, 2011

Semi-Annual Juice Fast

Happy first Monday of 2011! I've been sleeping so well since we got a humidifier for our bedroom. I don't know that I love the model we purchased, it's got a blue light on it that you can see from the space shuttle, just what you want illuminating the room where you'll be sleeping, but the cool, humidified air makes for luscious, deep sleep. The forced air heating is so drying, it's nice to wake up not feeling like I have sandpaper lips, eyes and throat.

It's time for my semi-annual juice fast. For me it really is the best way to cleanse the palate and banish the bloat caused by my holiday season's indulgences. I was up and out of the house by 8:30am to hit the market to top up my fruit and veggies for the juicer. I picked up beets with the lovely green tops attached, more lemons and ginger, cucumbers, a whole pineapple, collard greens and fennel. I had spinach, carrots, celery, apples, a few lemons and some ginger in stock already.

Clean, fresh and ready for the juicer!

As always, nothing too strenuous planned just lots of activities to keep my mind off of food, recipes and cooking. Which can be damn near impossible for me.

10am...wicked green juice~a whole bag of spinach, fennel, celery, cucumber, a big chunk of ginger with apple and lemon. That ginger is so fiery it makes my ears and throat tingle.

11am...warming peach green tea with a pinch of stevia and a chat with my sister, knocking out some details of my upcoming trip. I leave on February 26th! I put the laundry away, polished the cooktop and balanced the budget (always a joy after the holidays!)

1pm...sweet tart red juice~I made a double portion, one for now and one for later. I juiced all the beet greens with celery, ginger, carrots, apples and two lemons (zing!)

1:30pm...Candy Cane Lane with a pinch of stevia. By 3pm, I was freezing so I went for a soak in a scalding hot bath during which I cleared my head and did some visualization. I pictured myself wearing my new jeans, my first closet goal. Optimally, I'd love to have them packed and ready to wear (sans muffin top) for my Boston trip. Visualization can help with focusing on reaching a goal. Have you ever done this?

4pm... enjoyed my second helping of sweet tart red juice and settled in to watch the Joan River's documentary Piece of Work, which was really good.

Rob's at home now and will be wanting dinner, but he'll have to fend for himself. I'm going to juice my pineapple and whiz it in the blender with a banana and a bit of ice.

Then we're going to watch a documentary about Disneyland and have more hot tea. So far so good with the fast, perhaps I'll be up for a second day. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck! Just knowing that you drank that giant glass of green Romulan blood makes me think of you as the female version of Steve McQueen. Or Charles Bronson. You get what I mean ;-)

    In 2011, we need to make "juicing your pineapple" a new catch phrase. "Whoo hoo, that totally juiced my pineapple!"