Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slow Down and Savor V. 2.1

This is something that I have been and need to keep working on, so I'm posting about it again. As a (former? in recovery?) over eater I tend to eat very quickly, always focusing on getting that next forkful of food shoveled into my gob. A two-fold strategy that I've been having been working at is (1) focusing on the bite of food that is in my mouth rather than the next; How does it taste? What am I tasting? How do the flavors meld? How do the textures feel? And (2) not going for another bite of food until the first bite is fully gone. By doing so, not only do I eat more slowly, but I enjoy the food that I took such time and care to prepare so much more. I've noticed in the past week that I've been finishing my meals AFTER Rob has finished. This is a major victory for me!

But why eat more slowly? It has helped me get my real stomach and my "brain-stomach" in sync to process that I am truly satisfied rather than rushing through the meal and going for a second helping. Better digestion. Enhanced enjoyment of mealtimes.

As always I am interested in hearing what you have to say, how do you keep yourself from eating too fast? How does eating more slowly benefit you?

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  1. This sounds like great advice. I am going to have to try it next meal. I think eating slower would really help me stop and think about what I am eating and if I really NEED to eat another bite or not.

  2. Good point about needing another bite, Ellie! Please let me know how you make out. :)

  3. I have to consciously slow down to eat. Especially breakfast. I am usually pretty hungry, so make myself put down my spoon or fork.

    Talking to John while eating also helps.

  4. Years ago, I was travelling in France and was invited to have Sunday lunch at the home of a friend of a friend.

    The food was fabulous - rich, heavy and fattening -mouthwatering and delicious and more-ish - and I was told that those people ate like that all the time (yet they were very slim and healthy).

    It was years later before I twigged on to why they could eat such calorie-laden food and yet remain thin.

    They put their forks down after each bite, chewed, swallowed and then had animated conversation for a few minutes before the next bite.

    Yes, the meal lasted forever (and got cold) and in the time it took them to eat up I had 2 servings and still sat and waited for them to finish. (Embarrassing, in retrospect.) But who was thin and who was not? *ahem*

    I've been thinking about them recently and doing what they did. Putting my fork down and enjoying each mouthful, waiting before the next forkful. Either talking to my husband or, if the TV is on, then allowing myself to be a little distracted and watching it- but only between bites, not as I am actually eating.

    My meals do now take longer but I notice and relish every bite.

    I am sure it's helping me in this weight loss war.

  5. Another tip is to use your non-dominant hand. If you are right with your left hand. Slows you down quite a bit.