Friday, February 11, 2011

A Bone to Pick with Oprah

Did you happen to see Jennifer Hudson on Oprah yesterday?  I started watching my recorded episode and right off the bat I screamed out "Eff you Oprah!"  Really, I did.  Ms. Hudson hadn't been on the stage more than a couple of moments when Oprah reduced her to nothing more than a number on the scale.  Ms. Hudson was very reluctant to reveal the "magic" number.  Apparently Queen Oprah doesn't like to be told no because she was actually demanding a number.  Badgering and demanding.  Needless to say, I was thrilled with Ms. Hudson did not give in.  (At least not at this point in the show, though she did reveal that she went from a size 10 to a size 6.)

What sort of message does this send to the millions of Oprah viewers?  That if you're carrying any excess fat, unless you lose x number of pounds nothing else matters.  What matters is Jennifer Hudson is many things;  a great singer, a good actress, an Oscar winner, a survivor of a horrific family tragedy, a mother, a fiance, a strong woman who worked to get control of her food issues and improve her health.

It's no wonder Oprah has poor body image and food issues.  She should know better, she's always babbling about "living your best life, finding your best self." But it seems that best is only measured by the Almighty Scale.  


  1. Apparently at some point Jennifer did give in, because on yesterday there was a big headline "Jennifer Hudson has lost XX pounds!" They gave a very different spin on it, claiming that Jennifer was just desperate to reveal her number and blah blah. I don't care what the number is, but she looks fantastic and very happy.

  2. Jen looks great. While I thought she was a cute gal even fat, in that business, looking "right"--meaning slim and pretty--helps one land more jobs, so for her, it was a right move.

    She had a lot of tragedy in her personal life, but career wise and now health-wise , figure-wise, she's transformed. Maybe the brush with mortality thing made for the mindset change, weight wise. Whatever. She's beautiful.

    I don't see why people are reticent about numbers. When I was 300, I said I was 300. When I'm 223, I say I'm 223. It's just a number. Not the only indicator of health/unhealth. If we remove the stigma of the number, could help a lot.

  3. I'm with you girl! Numbers mean nothing. Weight lifters can tell you that, muscle weighs more than fat. So a very fit muscular woman won't fit into the weight-height ratio thing. What about skinny-fat, real thin types with no muscle tone & cellulite. The weight on the scale tells us nothing of the composition of a persons body.
    My weight lifting instructor asked us all on the 1st day of class to guess her weight and everyone was way off, she was very tiny and her weight was 150! I still remember that.
    Oprah has weight issues, I think she should ditch the scale, the way your clothes fit tell the real story.

  4. Oprah is highly overrated. Just my opinion. I think Jennifer has done a fantastic job on herself. She has always been beautiful, but now her inner self shows it, too.

  5. Well, Jennifer did give in - she's lost 80 lbs. She actually acted to me like she wanted to say the number, but hesitated because her WW leader didn't want her to tell.
    I say, what difference does it make, she looks fabulous!

  6. My beef isn't with Jennifer Hudson, she does look great and if she inspires people to embrace healthier habits, than that's even better. I'm proud of my weight loss, too, but it doesn't *define* me. My problem is with Oprah. She's very powerful and influential in people's lives and instead of taking the opportunity to further the message of healthy eating and exercise, she was just rabid about "the number." And got all disinterested when the talk turned to exercise.