Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Up

We're back and we're live! 

It was a good two weeks with my sister but it's very discombobulated living someone else's schedule for such a length of time.  I will miss my sister and my nephews so much but it was wonderful to get back to Rob and Shady Dame.  I arrived back in Atlanta nice and early Saturday morning and though waking up at 4:30am is a killer, it's worth it.  I was home, food shopped, unpacked, laundry started, showered and relaxing by noon.  

I'm back at work tonight, Zumba tomorrow and slowly but surely getting recombobulated.   I've got menus to plan and a project to finish.  We're getting the second guest room ready as we are having guests arrive in less than two weeks.  My Mother and Auntie are driving in.  They're on a road trip through Florida (think Thelma and Louise for the over 60's) and will stop by here for a few days before heading back to Boston.

We bought a new bed for the room yesterday and I just ordered the prettiest little side table.  We need to pick up the blinds and I can't wait to go out shopping for bed linens.  I'll post pictures as soon as the project is completed.  It will feel very good to have that crossed off the New Year's list.

With that, I'm off to empty the dishwasher and get ready for work.  Have a wonderful Monday!

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