Thursday, March 10, 2011

Costo for Healthy Options on a Budget

I've had a Costco membership for ages, but I had become disillusioned with Costco during my switch to a healthier lifestyle.  Such huge packages of processed quick meals, inferior produce and factory meat.  It just didn't jive with what I was learning and applying.  I would still go for toilet paper and the optical department but really didn't buy food there much anymore.  

But recently Costco has  stepped up their game.  The produce department has been expanded to include many exotic and organic options.  The meat department has started carrying organic whole chickens, parts and boneless skinless breasts.  Even my beloved Laughing Cow Light Swissn (four wheel pack for $7.99) and Pom Wonderful juice (1.77 liter for $9.99.)  At a big savings over not only Whole Foods, but Trader Joe's and the regular supermarket.

This is what I picked up on my last trip...
  • La Tortilla Factory Smart Carb whole grain tortillas (double pack of 16) for $5.39 
  • Fruit and nut trail mix (raw walnuts, raw almonds, toasted pistachios, cranberries), one pound bag for $9.29
  • Avocados, five huge for $4.99 (I paid $2 each at Whole Foods the previous week and they were much smaller.)
  • Bananas, 3 pound bag for $1.47
  • Mini-peppers, super sweet, one of my favorite snacks, two pounds for $3.99
  • One pound of triple washed organic baby spinach for $3.99
  • One pound of triple washed organic mixed baby salad greens for $4.29
  • Frozen organic broccoli florets, this stuff is so good, four pounds in a zip top bag for $5.99
  • Two pounds of Roma tomatoes for $4.99 (this was the stinker in the bunch, I know better than to buy tomatoes out of season but I couldn't resist.)
  • Three pound rotisserie chicken for $4.99
My total after tax, $50.57.  That's a lot for the money and everything other than the tomatoes was excellent quality!  If you're looking for ways to eat healthier that's wallet friendly, it seems that Costco is becoming very good option.

Do you have a membership to Costco ( or Sam's or BJ's)?  If so, is your local store staring to offer healthier options?


  1. I used to belong to Costco when we first moved to the west TN area, but since it's in Memphis which is an hour (and 75 miles) away, it's no longer a feasible shopping option, considering the price of gas right now. I wish they'd open a store here, but we can't even get a Harris-Teeter. Wal-Mart and Kroger are our options.

    Your haul sounds wonderful!

  2. I LOVE Costco, but I just ignore the processed, frozen foods section. The fruit section is always worth walking through, and I love their blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Mine also has seasonal items, so in January they carried "Sweeties" which are mini pomelo/grapefruit crosses. We love the edamame, which is oddly stored in the cooler next to sausages and dip. The POM is great, too!

    My mom likes to buy the frozen shrimp, salmon and ahi tuna for fish meals, they offer both farm-raised and wild salmon (we get the wild). My Costco has started carrying 10lb bags of free trade organic raw sugar, which is a relatively new item.

    My dad and I tried a pre-made pizza there the other day, it was basil, mozzarella and tomato sauce. No preservatives in the ingredients and pretty tasty. It's one of those pizzas you put in the oven for 10 minutes to finish baking.

    Can you tell I love Costco? I go there once a week!

  3. Love their rotisserie chickens! Unfortunately, the Costco here in Houston is a 40 minute drive from us so I don't get there that often. But I bought 3 chickens last month. I cut the meat off the bone and freeze in 1 lb. servings. Just pulled one this morning to make Tarragon Chicken Sandwiches for dinner. I also get our Flatout wraps at Costco. I always got our Charmin TP there until this last time when I priced it out (per sq ft) and discovered it was actually cheaper at Walmart ;( Other things we get at Costco are the Kirkland brand HE laundry detergent, parmesan cheese, kirkland brand splenda, dried cranberries, almonds, Cheerios, frozen fruit for smoothies.

  4. I love buying chicken there. I get whole chickens and freeze them, plus, the individually wrapped frozen boneless skinless breasts are fantastic!