Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

I never thought it would get here.  I used to dread spring, having to shed dark, bulky clothes that cover a multitude of sins.  But these days I have become a true lover of all things spring and this weekend did not disappoint.  Warm sunny weather perfect for Crocs, no socks, shorts, light colors and open window.  And of course all the natural beauty that spring brings...

The Japanese magnolia in full swing, perfuming the air so sweetly.

The hostas are making their way out.

A sea of blue grape hyacinths are in full bloom, I love how they spread!

The azaleas are starting to pop, I hope they are full throttle when Mother and Auntie arrive on Thursday.


Did you happen to see the Super Full Moon last night?  It was so big, like Cosmo's Moon in Moonstruck! Rob and I took a late night walk to do some moon gazing and it was quite the sight.  The pictures just can't do it justice. 

Rob and I had a very productive weekend.  Both guestrooms are just about done, we ended up  moving some things around and both guestrooms have a fresh, new look.  I'm so excited, I can't wait to show you the pics once the final touches are applied.

 I've got the root veggies, Savoy cabbage and corned beef working in the slow cooker, I'll have some food porn to share later in the week.  Tomorrow morning is the deep clean.  Do you think if I put a feather duster under my pillow tonight, the cleaning fairy send me a maid for the week?  Probably not.  It's all good, a deep, vigorous cleaning is always a great workout!

I hope the kickoff of your spring has been fabulous!


  1. I love spring too. Today is just a beautiful Sunday in my neck of the woods (British Columbia, Canada)I'm getting excited about my garden and continuing with healthy, fresh eating as the time goes by.

    Nice to meet you new friend. I LOVE your banner, it's very motivating!

  2. You are lucky you have blooms already!!!! Your tree is very very pretty! I love it!!