Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Left My Gumption in Boston

I'm having a tough time getting back into my healthy routine and can't seem to get enough rest. My trip, PMS and the time change has proven to be a triple blow.  I do love the longer days, though, so losing the hour is definitely worth it. 

Side note:  I was off wine and sugar and processed grains (for the most part) for the majority January and February and had no PMS to speak of.  A couple of weeks imbibing and indulging has led to a rip-roaring case of it.  Interesting!

It seems like I ate far too many sweets while I was away but I don't have the same appetite that I used to.  This is a good thing to note!  I ate more fruit and veggies than sweets, which is still funny to me.  I came home knowing my weight was up but all my jeans fit just right which is a very good gauge of maintenance.  It's the getting my butt moving that's the issue.  Warmer weather will definitely help remedy that and get me out walking around.  

I feel a little better just by having typed this out.  I must never underestimate the power of blogging/talking about what's really going on, that way I can figure out how to move ONWARD and UPWARD! 

I'm off to the market a little later to stock the pantry.  I'm making a boiled dinner, a small corned beef with a butt load of veggies...carrots, rutabaga, Brussels, tiny yellow taters and sweet potato and then I'll transform the leftover meat into Ruben sandwiches.  If I can find rye flour at the supermarket, I'm going to make the bread.  

I'm craving greens so hopefully they will have some good looking rainbow chard.  I'm going to make a spicy brown rice dish to go with the greens.  Just a rotisserie chicken on a big chopped salad tonight because Rob and I have some errands to run this evening.  

There are lots of things blooming around Shady Dame, so I have lots of pics to post and will have some food porn to share soon, too, so watch this space.

I'd love to hear from you:  What do you do when you aren't feeling motivated?  How do you keep a few day slump turning into an all out backslide?


  1. I wish I knew. My summer fitness routine was just right. Biking three or four days a week, weights two. Then around October it got too cold to bike, right when I had a huge month of work obligations. Then it was the holidays, I had some medical stuff, and we got temporarily relocated for my husband's job. We always exercised together, but now he's got a long commute. I've been keeping up with *some* exercise, at least a few days a week, and sometimes I manage a pretty good stretch of a few weeks. I just can't get it to be a habit again in the same way it was a few months ago.

    Mostly I tell myself that even a few times a week is better than the nothing I used to do. I try to balance between the reality that life is oddly hectic right now and making excuses for laziness.

  2. Blogging, journaling, saying it out loud. It's all about making yourself accountable in some way.

    Getting back on track can be hard. Sometimes you just need to shake it up with new recipes or something different to get a little bit excited about it.