Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Goodie: Greens Plus Chocolate Energy Bar

I definitely need energy to keep up with Tally.  She's had me out walking 3 times today already.  Now she's playing with her pressie that her new friend Ridley brought her so I can take a moment to get some blogging done.

Let me tell you about my latest goodie.  On a particularly busy day of errands, I had my juice before leaving the house and had a travel breakfast of fruit and yogurt and green tea with me.  As they sometime do, my errands took longer than expected and my final stop at Trader Joe's had me out past my usual lunch time.  I grabbed one of these bars on the way out to munch on in the car (anything to stay away from those nasty drive-thru windows!)  I don't like to rely too heavily on bars because they aren't real food but sometimes you need them for convenience.  If you must rely on a bar, you must find one with good ingredients.  This one comes full of dates, almond butter, honey, greens plus powder, brown rice crisps and quinoa powder wrapped in a chocolate coating.  See the label for full information here:  Greens Plus Chocolate Energy Bar.

How did it taste?  YUM!  It's the best quality chocolate I've ever tasted on a "nutrition" bar.  And the chewy green interior tastes like dates soaked in sticky honey.  This is a satisfying bar, with a bottle of water or cup of green tea it will keep you a good few hours.

EDIT:  Green Plus bars can be found at Trader Joe's for $2.39 and at Whole Foods for around the same price but were on sale for $1.99 so I stocked up.  Pricey for a bar, but "the stick to your ribs but not your ass" quality makes it worth it.

The Greens Plus bar is definitely worthy of being a in a pinch Nutritious and Delicious food replacement.

Have you tried any of the Greens Plus bars? 

*note~this is a completely independent product review, not a paid promotion.


  1. Exciting! I love to read about new products - especially where chocolate is involved ;)

  2. I hope I don't seem too dense asking this, but was this a bar you found in Trader Joe's? It sounds great, and I'd like to have something like this on-hand for when I have to go to mediations that drag on past lunch time. Me+low blood sugar = grouchy adjuster (no settlement).

  3. Lianne, yes Trader Joe's. They also carry them at Whole Foods.

    The price ranges from $1.99 on sale to $2.39 but I found this bar to be worth it as it has a good stick to your ribs quality.

  4. I got a couple of these this past weekend at TJ's, and they ARE really good! Tasty, and with a lot less crap in them than FiberOne or similar bars. I think I'll buy a few more to keep in the freezer so that I'll have them when I have to travel for work. Thanks for posting about them!