Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sorting Things Out

Today is the first day that I'm not feeling anxiety about my routine being disrupted by the addition of Tally to our family.  I haven't run my juicer or lifted a weight in the 3 weeks since we've had her.  Not an excuse, but change really does mess with my head.  The weekends are easy with Rob here but the weekdays have been a little overwhelming for me. I've been consumed with getting her sorted out and I let myself down in the process. 

But today my confidence is high and Tally and I are getting into a nice rhythm.  My fridge WILL be stocked with juice produce as of my market trip tomorrow and the juicer will be back running as usual, every morning!  I have missed my morning juice and I can definitely feel the difference in my vitality without it.  I WILL get back to the gym to do a full body routine of weight lifting  2 days next week and in the weeks following.  I WILL NOT let this change disrupt my healthy routine any longer.

If there is something that is holding you back, sort it out, get your head back in the right place and then move forward.  We can do it, we are worth it!

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