Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strawberry Squee!

So, no one is doing anything for the holiday weekend, not going anywhere, not eating anything, nothing, anyone?  *crickets*

I hit Trader Joe's this morning to pick up a few things.  They had lovely sweet-tart and juicy clementines.  I love when shops have samples of their fruit, so disappointing to buy tempting looking fruit and come home to find it dry and tasteless.  Not these beauties!

I also treated myself to some flowers. I love having flowers in the house in springtime!  Would have them fresh and in every room year round if it were in the budget.

Then I hit the farm to pick up my milk.  The girls were just finishing up picking fresh strawberries.  I was so excited I bought two pounds.  I ate one before I got back in my car.  Oh, my, this is what strawberries are supposed to taste like.  Like sweet, fragrant sunshine.  It's the texture, though, that really delights me.  Freshly picked strawberries are so succulent.  Fragrant and SUCCULENT! 

 Say it with me:  succulent!

One pound we'll eat out of hand, the other will go into Easter dessert.  I'm going to make a mini-trifle, layers of lemon cream (lemon curd whipped up with mascarpone cheese and Greek yogurt), sliced strawberries and vanilla bean wafers.  Late harvest Gewurztraminer alongside.

Tally and I just got back from our afternoon walk.  She wanted to bring some homemade Easter bread to the ladies at the Vet's office to thank them for taking such good care of her last week so we walked the 3 miles round trip.  It's a warm sunny day and we are working on our pace.  18 minute miles!


Whomever said "a well-behaved dog is a well exercised dog" was so right.  Baby girl is wiped out!  I'm headed to the shower and then I'm going to watch Top Chef: Masters.  I hear they are cooking horn worms.  Mmmmmm!  ;)


  1. That's it. I'm going to Trader Joe's tomorrow. That's how strawberries are supposed to look. I'm sure they taste as good as they look.

  2. Splurgie, the strawberries were from My Dad and Me Family Farm (where I get my raw milk) not Trader Joe's. :(