Friday, April 15, 2011

Turned a Corner

At the risk of having this space turn into a dog blog, Tally and I had two great breakthroughs yesterday.  She's feeling better and we started her on a new diet.  We've decided to try the biologically appropriate raw feeding.  The irony that this method is called BARF is not lost on me.  Hahaha!  We're using Nature's Variety Instinct which is commercially prepared raw food that is grain free and full of raw meat, bone meal and fruit and veggies.  Tally is loving it!  The little lady with no appetite is suddenly excited about meal time and licking her dish clean.

The other breakthrough is the Halti head collar.  Tally is strong, stronger than she looks.  She likes to pull on the leash and walking had become a little frustrating for me, it was hurting my hips and shoulders.  The Halti was recommended in the training book I'm reading and I bought one yesterday.  And miracle of miracles, we had two long, vigorous walks yesterday with no pulling!  In fact, I wore her out yesterday, she plopped on a grassy patch near the end of the second walk and we had to come home.  How funny is it that a pup can't keep up with this old bird?

I'm feeling so much better, I'm learning her ways and we're on our way into getting into a routine.  So, other than the occasional doggy anecdote or photo, this blog will be getting back to business as usual; food porn, nutritious and delicious recipes, struggles and successes and my bipolar attitude toward working out.  

I've got a delectable recipe to post, it was a variation on the Sausage and Swiss Chard Strata that's featured in the latest issue of Everyday Food.  The pics will make you drool!


  1. Glad Tally is doing better. Is that lead like a Promise lead? Those are very good for training.

  2. Yes, the Halti is like the Promise which is now known as the Gentle Lead. I'm hoping once she's trained she won't pull, but it's a godsend for now.

  3. I'm so glad the Halti worked for you. My dog hated it. She'd spend entire walks just looking for something to rub her face on (the concrete, walls, grass, my leg) because it irritated her so much. After a couple months of fruitless trying we decided (reluctantly) to try a pinch collar. It was a godsend. It doesn't irritate or intimidate her, but she minds us. We've been fast walking companions ever since! :)