Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Highlights

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable weekend. It was cool and cloudy on Friday, the perfect weather for a long hike.  We hit Red Top Mountain and did 5 miles.  Needless to say, the dog loved it!  The air was perfumed with the scent of sandalwood I'm wondering if santalum album trees are peppered throughout the natural landscape.  It was a great hike.

Unfortunately, my GPS watch malfunctioned when I got home and all the info from the hike was erased.  I've just dropped in the mail for a replacement under the warranty service.  I'll be 2 weeks without it but hopefully the new one will work without problems so it will be worth it. 

Saturday morning I hit the Farmer's Market in search of tarragon and fresh peas.  Found a bounty of English peas but had to go to the supermarket for tarragon, must get some tarragon going in a pot asap, I love it so.  I also picked up Saturday's dinner, Aussie pies!

The day started cool, misty and cloudy but gave way to warm breezes and blue skies.  We took Tally to play at the dog park then spent the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening on the deck.  A Cadbury mini creme egg or two may have made an appearance.  It is such a good thing that they are only sold once a year, they are my absolute favorite of all holiday candy.

I woke up Sunday morning and shelled peas for the salad...

Then we had breakfast, toasted Easter bread and farm eggs. 

Where's the fruit on my breakfast plate???  It was already in my belly.  After shelling the peas, I made the trifle for dessert and ended up eating more strawberries than made it into the bowl!

Five ingredients in this beauty and it was delicious.  I mixed some prepared lemon curd with mascarpone cheese and Greek yogurt and layered it with fresh strawberries and vanilla bean wafers.  It was a light and luscious cross between strawberry shortcake and trifle. 

After breakfast we were off to Kennesaw Mountain for an early afternoon trail walk.  When we came home, I made the Alex Guarnaschelli Pea Salad with Basil and Pea Shoots.

I cannot stress highly enough how much you NEED to make this salad right now.  It was incredible!  The extra step of blanching was well worth it.  I used whole grain Dijon mustard but otherwise I stuck to the recipe and it turned out better than I could have hoped.  So fresh, bright and crunchy it went very well with the ham.  I also steamed some fingerling potatoes and tossed them with a bit of butter and snipped chives.  Dinner was so good.

The ham was quite a surprise.  I'm a Honey Baked Ham snob of the highest order but when I sampled the spiral cut honey glazed ham from Trader Joe's I thought it tasted good enough for me to buy one for the holiday.  Well, I'm a convert.  It was better than a Honey Baked at half the price.  Win-win.

Overall it was a lovely weekend although my thoughts were also with my boss, our fearless and compassionate Nursing Director who lost her husband on Thursday.  Life is unpredictable and can be cruel.  I spent much of it counting my blessings, feeling very lucky to have my family and my health.  Hug your loved ones a little closer and be very thankful for every moment you get to spend with them.  I wish each of you a happy and healthy week.

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  1. Your pictures made me remember how delightful fresh peas are. Haven't had them so fresh in a long time. Will have to get to a farmer's market this weekend. Gorgeous strawberries.