Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Farmer's Market Omelet

Nothing like a trip to the farmer's market to rekindle one's love affair with vegetables.  There was a great selection there yesterday and I got there first thing.  I was after tomatoes and summer squash and found it...

 All of this for $5!

To give you a sense of how big those summer squash are...

The fella said he never finds anyone who likes the giant squash so he sells them cheap.  Well, I'll take them.  They are tasty in juice and are delicious cooked up lots of different ways.  I diced one up for a farmer's market omelet for yesterday's lunch.  I sauteed the squash in a hot pan with olive oil and a salt free seasoning blend.

After it started to caramelize a little, I added a diced tomato and cooked it until all the water had been cooked out and the veggies were just right.  The tomato went very sweet and the squash still had a little bite to it.  I don't like it mushy.

I wiped out the pan, melted some pastured butter and added three farm eggs that I whisked with a fork.  Once the eggs were set, I topped half with some of the squash tomato mixture and some fresh basil leaves.

Then flipped the whole thing onto a plate.

Served with some organic baby spinach leaves lightly dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar ready to be devoured...

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