Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Two Week Experiment

Here are some of the meals I have eaten over the last two weeks. Do you notice anything different?  

Not pictured: daily iced coffees with raw milk, sometimes with stevia sweetened chocolate protein powder added and blended with ice into a frappe, also several flax muffin breakfasts as pictured in yesterday's post.

Steamed and patted dry asparagus, collards and kale, grass fed strip steak, 
homemade mock bearaise sauce

3 pastured egg scrambled in butter with braised kale and collards,
kiwi fruit and Georgia peaches

Chicken salad with grapes, celery and summer squash
served in lettuce cups

Ham and cheese roll ups with lettuce and tomato 

Jamie Oliver's salad of greens, proscuitto, peaches, buffalo mozzarella,
mint leaves with lemon and evoo

You must try this!

Shrimp and avocado salad

Ham and cheese with avocado and romaine leaves

3 pastured eggs scrambled in grass fed butter
with summer squash and tomato, spinach salad

Grass fed burger, steamed asparagus, huge salad of red leaf lettuce and 
homemade blue cheese dressing made with raw milk yogurt,
 garden herbs and saga blue cheese

Looks pretty good, no? Lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fats. But, and it's a big but: no grains, no added sugar.  I have spent the last two weeks experimenting with very low or no grains and low or no added sugar.

I've allowed one day of more liberal eating, a planned indulgence.  This day has been Sunday.  Two Sundays ago, I ate a bowl of Talenti gelato and two caramel filled Dove chocolates after dinner but ate no grains and woke up with a mild headache.

This Sunday just past I made homemade pizza for supper and had gelato for dessert.  Within the hour I had itchy eyes.  I woke up Monday morning coughing with a runny nose and had a mild headache.  I always thought that dairy was the issue.  But I've eaten multiple forms of dairy, including my raw milk daily with out so much as a sniffle. 

I have long suspected that I am sensitive, even allergic to in some way, shape or form wheat and/or other grains and refined sugar but now I have concrete proof.  Sometimes the process of elimination is the only way to know for sure.

Why did I take on this experiment?  Because things got a little out of hand the last couple of months. I know that getting the dog threw me off my routine and I got a bit lazy with my food prep.  And the slope isn't just slippery, I'm always at the top of Matterhorn Mountain with a luge strapped to my ass.  I noticed that my "weight gauge" Levi's denim shorts felt a little snug and that I felt hungry and snacky all the time.

The results?  The Levi's are slipping right on now, as they should and that was after just the first week.  No sugar and grains is a revelation!  No bloating, no hunger or snackiness, no cravings, good energy, amazing focus, great sleep and after many night's of broken sleep for puppy's potty calls, I'm feeling rested for the first time in months.  

Going forward?  At first glance this may seem similar to Atkin's, but I assure you it is not.  So much fruit, vegetables and full fat dairy makes eating this way a pleasure.  I'm going to stay the course for awhile, allowing for my planned indulgences (hello, can't give up cupcakes forever!)  I want to learn more about a grain and sugar free way of life and see where it leads.  I will be keeping you posted on how it goes. 

If you have any questions or comments, please share.  I love hearing from you.  Happy Summer Solstice!


  1. My husband is actually encouraging me to try giving up grains for a few weeks. He's awfully sick of me feeling sick to to stomach and bloated 20 minutes after eating dinner every night. My largest reservation: Pasta. We still eat (whole grain) pasta at least once a week. It's just such a nice and filling yet light supper when tossed with lemon, garlic and veg. If I could find a gluten free one that wasn't terrible, I might consider it more seriously.

    Your dinners look awfully nice though...

  2. Kaki, give it a week or two just to gauge how you feel, you might be pleasantly surprise. It really was a revelation to me.

    I adore pasta and will definitely treat myself to my favorite pasta dishes now and again.

    I'm actually going to make a big Sunday Gravy and eat the meat and tomato sauce with fresh ricotta instead of pasta. The sauce and meat was always the big draw for me, I wonder if I will miss the pasta.

  3. Grains are an interesting phenomenon for me as well. I just am not willing to totally give them up, but I certainly have reduced how much I eat or how I prepare them when I do eat them.

    Have you tried coconut flour yet? You must!

  4. I started eating high fat (GOOD fat, not snickers bar fat) and high protein with as much fruits and veggies as I can handle, and i felt full longer. and overall I felt FED. before that, with a high fruit/veggie and high grain diet, I was hungry all the time.

    Amazing what eating high fat and high protein can do. and I'm SLOWLY cutting out sugars. I think I was addicted. But now I don't crave it as much. I still eat sugars but leaning more towards natural sugars like Agave nectar and honey and even throwing in some prunes in my smoothie for that added sweetness. I can tell I don't crave cookies and candy bars anymore. =)

  5. Leila, thank you for your awesome comment. Being FED is such a great way to describe giving up grains and sugar and embracing wonderful, rich, healthy fats. It is amazing how grains and sugar stimulate the appetite both mentally and physically and without them, it's so much easier to eat healthy and never feel deprived. Have you tried raw coconut nectar as a sweetener? I'm going to blog about it soon.

    Yes, Lori, I have been experimenting with lots of coconut products like flour, mannna, virgin oil and nectar. I'm going to write about them soon. The coconut bread is quite nice!

  6. YES, who knew you didn't need that much grain in your diet? When I say FED, I can feel in my body that there's nutrition swimming around all over. I FUNCTION differently. It's wonderful. I am falling in love with taking care of myself.

    I haven't tried or heard of Coconut nectar as sweetner. mmmm. that sounds yummy though! I currently love coconut oil for cooking.