Monday, June 6, 2011

Nutritious and Delicious Coffee Drink Makeover

So, is it Ugh Monday or Yay Monday?  It started out as Ugh when Tally and I set off on our walk early this morning but 3 1/2 miles and a delicious breakfast later, it's a Yay!

I set out on our walk on an empty stomach, like I normally do.  It's hot and humid now and a long walk is better without anything but some water weighing me down.  But that last half mile I was dreaming of breakfast.

I have a food shopping trip planned later today and a farmer's market trip planned for tomorrow morning so my cupboards are looking a bit bare at the moment.  I know I didn't want cottage cheese and fruit again.  I wanted something cold, I wanted something frothy, I wanted caffeine.  I wanted a...a... FRAPPUCCINO!  I mentally scanned my kitchen for what I could use to fashion a similar beverage at home the nutritious and delicious way.

I'm not sure how many ingredients go into a vanilla Frappuccino but I needed only three.  Four if you count the ice: 

8 ounces of cold coffee (I save leftover coffee in a pitcher in the fridge in warm weather because ice coffee is one of my favorite things)
a few handfuls of ice

Put everything into a blender, whizz it up until blended and frothy and behold the Frapproccino...(see what I did there?)

It made a full 16 ounce glass and then half again, approximately 24 ounces and I drank it all.  I don't take sugar in my coffee so the bit of sweetener in the protein powder was perfect.  It hit every note just right; cold, frothy, creamy, refreshing, satisfying and just sweet enough.

Here is the nutrition breakdown:
calories: 277
carbs: 5
fat: 11
protein: 31

Compare that to a Venti Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino Blended beverage with whole milk and no whip from the Starbucks website:
calories: 420
fat: 5
carbs: 89
protein: 5

I'll probably be needing some cottage cheese and fruit by mid morning but for now I'm smiling and my belly is full.  Time to make my menus and shopping lists hit the shower and set out.  Yay, Monday!

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  1. It does look like a Vanilla bean from Starbucks! but it has protein, which is way better. I bet it was refreshing!