Sunday, June 5, 2011

On the Road: Beaufort, South Carolina

Because we didn't get to the beach for Easter, Rob and I decided to sneak away for a couple of days over Memorial Day weekend.  We set out on Sunday  morning, Tally's first road trip!

When one is traveling with a dog, there are certain restrictions that you have to deal with. One is where to stay, another is what beaches allow dogs and the last is where to eat.  Most beaches have restrictions from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but not Hunting Island State Park.  So we decided to stay in Beaufort, South Carolina which is about a half an hour drive from Hunting Island.

Beaufort is lovely in a real slow southern way.  It's a nice gateway to all the low country islands.  We hit Hilton Head Island on Sunday evening.  Hilton Head is amazing in the off season but this weekend the beach was packed and Tally was freaked out by the crowds and the ocean.

So we left and went over to the marina to an outdoor cafe that allows dogs.  The drinks were awesome but the food and service, not so much.  I had high hopes for Monday, though.

The accommodations were not fit for humans, let alone dogs, but Hunting Island State Park was magnificent and well worth the five hour drive from Atlanta.

Picture Jurassic Park that opens up to a four mile expanse of unspoiled beach, no hotels, no condos and very few people.  We set up base camp and settled in to spend the day.

 Tally is afraid of the water (it chased me Mama!) but loved lounging in the sand.

We enjoyed several longs walks along the shore picking shells and just taking in the gorgeous scenery.

One of the benefits of the state park vs. the resort beach is the startling lack of crowds on a busy holiday weekend.

A beached Man o' War jellyfish

We enjoyed a picnic on the beach and stayed all day.  It was wonderful!  That evening we headed to the historic downtown waterfront area of Beaufort for a walk and some dinner.

The food was nothing more than a mediocre pub burger and some beer on an outdoor patio, but we were happy not to have to leave Tally alone in the hotel room.  First thing Tuesday morning we headed home.

As much as I enjoyed our day at the beach, I don't think I'd travel with the dog again.  But I would go back to the beaches at Hunting Island.  I've never seen such a beautiful stretch of unspoiled beach along the Atlantic coast.  It was heavenly!


  1. Wow, you took some amazing photos! Glad you all had a great time in Hilton Head!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful quick trip and the photos are lovely! I've never travelled with my dog but every time we are at the beach I always think about her and how much fun it would be to have her with us. Sounds tough tho - where to stay, where to eat, etc. I guess I'm too lazy for such planning ahead.

    I've lived in GA my whole life but I've never been to Hilton Head or Beaufort or Hunting Island. (ikr - my family must be the only one that's never been!) I must make it a point to go sometime soon! I have been to the GA coast many times in my life, but not in the last 10-15 years. Jekyll Island and St. Simon's Island are both interesting and low-key, fun trips, but by far my favorite GA barrier island is Cumberland Island. Back in my younger days, before kids, my husband and I loved to backpack and camp, and once a year we would spend a week backcountry camping on Cumberland Island. Wonderful experience!!!

    Your post brings back great memories of those trips and makes me want to plan another trip there soon - I know my kids would love it!

    I enjoy your blog. Your healthy life-style and yummy food ideas are so inspiring!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Lori! You must try and see the low country Islands, just a 5 hour drive and well worth it. If you can go to Hilton Head in the low season, do so, but I think anytime would be perfect for Hunting Island State Park.

  4. hi i am isabelle and tally usd to be my puppy then my mom said we had to give her away but i love how yew take care of her and how yew keep a healthy life style now that is inspiring! :)

  5. Hi my name is Isabelle! I am so inspired by your healthy life style! Beleive it or not I used to be Tally's owner before my mom had to give her away due to allergies, but I check in on your site and I copy some of your good recepeis. You are an insparation to me!

  6. Hi Isabelle, we love Tally, she has truly become part of the family. She is a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality and we are so happy she is with us. I hope you enjoy the recipes!