Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Weekend Highlights

It has been a splendid weekend with still the rest of today to enjoy.  Rob and I spent the morning swimming and now just pottering about the house.  Here are some photo highlights of the weekend...

Friday evening, about to enjoy my first drink after almost 4 weeks of being a teetotaler.

Wearing my apron while preparing our romantic supper before heading out

Cheesy, meaty, crunchy, marinated and briny things!

View portion of Brew with a View

Watching the sun set over Kennesaw Mountain

 View from the bottom.  We had just enjoyed our gelato, 
but it was a race against the 90 degree heat to eat it before it melted, thus no photo.  :(

Saturday morning farmers market at Marietta Square

Found some perfect heirloom apples, $2 for 4 
and got a bonus one to munch on while shopping

Saturday evening, my mise en place for the cheese souffle

 French wine to go with dinner, it was delicious!

VoilĂ !
Rob wasn't impressed with the dish from an eating perspective, I should have known because he never likes things that taste "eggy and cheesy."  I didn't find it eggy at all, it tasted like cheese and air.  I was underwhelmed if I'm honest, but I do admit to being terribly impressed with the fact that I conquered the mythical cheese souffle.

Sunday afternoon Rob and I went to see On Stranger Tides.  
Sunday evening, dessert at Jeff and Donna's.  I made peach clafouti.  
You should have seen the spread they put on for dinner!  
Donna's gaucamole was superb and I will be dreaming of those shrimp and mango fajitas for years to come.  I wish I had been able to stop stuffing my face for a minute to get a photo.

 Zoe and Tally played themselves out!

As for today, I just put a farm chicken in to brine.  It will get slathered in a tarragon and pineapple sage compound butter and get grill roasted for our holiday dinner.  I may make splash of sangria now.  It's five o'clock somewhere, cheers!

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  1. Love the picture of our babies. We probably won't get a better one til they are about 4 or 5! I think that was one of the few moments they weren't in motion.