Friday, July 22, 2011

Juice Fast Prep and a Poorly Pup

Tally is poorly again, another bout of gastroenteritis and all the lovely emissions from both ends that comes with it.  She is at the vet getting IV fluids at this moment and I'm trying to keep myself from getting too worked up about it.  Ooops, too late.  I'm positively beside myself.  But I just called and Tally is doing well.  She's resting and getting hydrated, the vomiting seems to have stopped.  Rob is going to pick her up on his way home from work.  Poor Baby Girl!

After dropping Tally at the vet this morning, I headed to Whole Foods to stock the fridge with all the produce needed to get Rob and me through two days of juice fasting.

We've got two bunches of kale, a large head of bok choy, lemons, golden beets, turmeric, ginger, zucchini, cucumbers, asparagus, a Japanese red yam, granny smith apples, carrots, celery and two pineapples.  I also have some assorted greens and fruit in the fridge that are going to get juiced before they "go over."

The pineapples will become our supper smoothies both evenings.  I'm going to juice the pineapples then whizz them in blender with ice and a scoop of coconut kefir.  Mmmm, sounds good, doesn't it?  Rob is going to cry when I tell him that we're not having any coffee or tea, just lots of lemon water and herbal tea.  I just set this out on the back porch to steep, to serve over ice with a spritz of the Meyer lemon juice...

Meyer lemon peel, mint, pineapple sage and 
two kinds of basil with filtered water.

I found these lovelies that I couldn't resist and will enjoy them first thing Monday morning when I break the fast... BEHOLD, the mango nectarine!

The perfume on these yellow-green beauties is simply irresistible.  I just know they are going to taste like ambrosia after nothing but bright green and golden juices all weekend.

Think good thoughts for my baby girl and wish us luck on the fast.  I will keep you posted on everyone's progress!


  1. Poor Tally! Do they know what causes her gastroenteritis? I know people who have given their pets probiotics for digestive issues with some success, but I'm not sure if that would help Tally.

  2. Thanks Laura. Tally gets two Gentle Digest pre/pro biotic capsules every morning along with a fiber capsule or two if she's running soft, has been since we adopted her. She's super sensitive. She likes eats things that she shouldn't at the dog park, so I think she picked up something there.

  3. Poor Puppy! You have to feel fro them - they get sick and can't tell you what's wrong or how they feel. We have three dogs of our own - all with their own sensitive issues (they are all rescues). Hope your Tally is feeling better soon. And good luck with the juice-fest! That pineapple smoothie sounds great!

  4. Here's to hoping Tally feels better soon! Good luck on the juice fast...looking forward to hearing all about it. Maybe it will motivate me to give it a try...although I can't imagine even one day without solid food!

  5. Poor Tally. Hope her tummy gets better.

    Hope the juice fast works out well for you!