Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st Chit-Chat

I'm so excited for the long weekend, how about you? It's been a super busy week and I'm so looking forward to having a few days off with Rob and Tally.  I treated myself to a mani/pedi last evening.  I splurged on the parrafin foot soak and after working day shift this week it felt particularly wonderful.  Like soaking my feet in melted butter.  Bye-bye raptor toes!  I also did my obligatory holiday polish, Stars and Stripes Forver.

We're just back from taking Tally to the self-serve doggy bath at Red Bandana.  She looks so clean and pretty.  Mama's little watch dog!

We had our first tomato harvest of the year.  Just a few husky cherries and a big better boy.  They were so good! There is nothing in the world that tastes as lovely as a tomato that you tended yourself.


It's the halfway point of the year and while I'm no closer to my closet goals at the moment, I am one step closer to my goal of completing a charity walk.  I have chosen the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes on Saturday October 15th.  I have registered Rob and I as a family team and our team name is Walk for Cash, in honor of my awesome nephew Cassius who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes shortly after his 3rd birthday last year.  Here is a link to our Team for Cash to join us at the walk or to become a virtual walker for our team or if you want to donate to an amazing cause.  Click on "Join Team" and sign up!  I'll post more details in another post, watch this space.

What have you got planned for the holiday weekend? 

Rob and I are having a long overdue date night this evening.  We're heading to Brew with a View atop the Earl Strand Theater in Marietta Square.  It's a rooftop bar with live music and views of Glover Park and Kennewas Mountain.  After which we will treat ourselves to an evening gelato and coffee drink at Pino Gelato, thanks to today's awesome Living Social deal.  Oh, I can't wait!

We're also planning lots of relaxing and reading, a mountain hike, we'll attempt cheese souffle and have Sunday dinner with some dear friends.  It's going to be hot and sunny and perhaps we'll even get in a swim at the pool.  Monday night we'll cap off the weekend watching the Boston Pops special.  It's become a tradition since moving here from Boston 10 years ago.  It's going to be a lovely weekend.  I hope it's a safe and special weekend for you, too. 


  1. Oh gosh, those nails are so cute! I love them!

  2. Ooh, where is the walk and how long is it? I just finished a 5K and I'd love another goal. And for a good cause :)

  3. Thanks Ellie, I love doing theme manis. :)

    Laura, it's a 5K starting at Centennial Olympic Park.