Saturday, July 16, 2011

Un-Sunny Saturday

Good morning and happy Saturday!  It feels like ages since I sat down to blog.  I have been working lots of shifts this month and picked up many more as they have been available due to summer vacations and such.  I'm going to be stockpiling hours as much as possible because Rob and I have booked our 10th wedding anniversary holiday so I am padding the Champagne budget in anticipation!

We have had a tremendous heat wave here in metro-Atlanta, like much of the country.  I have become amazingly heat and even humidity tolerant since the weight loss but 96+ temperatures with high humidity and a heat index of 115 is a little too much for even me.  Walking Tally after work on Wednesday afternoon was a grueling stroll through piping hot pea soup!  It broke yesterday with positively refreshing 80 degree temperatures.  This morning is cool and rainy.  Wonderful for the gardens but unfortunately Tally's best friends 101 class graduation was cancelled due to the rain.  I have to admit, I'm a little heartbroken about not getting to have the ceremony.  I was going to wear a crazy hat and everything.  :(

I am still watching my kombucha culture, almost three weeks in and it's still just sitting there.  I hope it wakes up soon because I can't wait to brew my first fizzy and fermented batch!  I've been making kefir just about every other day. It's just so easy.  The raw milk kefir is wonderful, I've been having it first thing in the morning and it works a treat on the old digestive system and is very satisfying.  Filling my stomach with healthy and filling things, like raw milk kefir, early in the day helps keep the hunger monster at bay.  I have learned that if I leave breakfast too long I can't seem to "catch up" and get control of the hunger for the rest of the day.  Have you ever experienced this? 

Today is chicken day at the farm, we are off later this afternoon to pick our two plump pastured hens.  Needless to say, we are having winner winner chicken dinner tonight!  Herb compound butter and grill roasted or bbq dry rubbed with a beer can popped up its bum, I haven't decided yet.  But we will be having tomato basil salad with balsamic vinaigrette alongside.  What's on your weekend menu?

That's all for now, have a wonderful weekend!

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