Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Catch Up

I hope everyone made it safely through the storm with minimal damage and clean up to endure.  My sister lost power and got some water in the basement, but thankfully "Grampy Jim" (Mother's hubby) came to the rescue, as he does, with a generator to get the pumps working.  They will be airing and cleaning up the mess this morning.  But the are all safe and for that I am thankful.

Our effects from Irene were actually beneficial, which I feel sort of guilty about.  The storm was so widespread that as it passed well east of us on Saturday it stirred the air up and sucked away the smoggy, horrible August in Atlanta atmosphere and brought in new, fresh air.  The sky yesterday was so bright blue, not like the usual late August blanket of ick we have.  It was actually fresh out this morning, which was wonderful because....*drumroll*

Tally and I went on our first walk since I hurt my back.  And it was just great.  Princess Pointy Toes did not pull too much and I was able to keep a very good pace.  We hit it for a full 75 minutes, only stopping to say hi to Bud Man, the yellow lab who is hot for Tally and to visit briefly with neighbors who just got Kiwi, a clumsy and skittish Great Dane who is the same age as Tally but 3 times her size.  Tally was very interested in Kiwi, but Kiwi was about as scared as could be, bless her giant feet!

After the walk, I came back and did some yard work.  I got the blower out and blew all the leaves and pine straw that fell in Saturday's wind, organized the deck furniture and got all the cushions back out.  Cooler mornings are coming, perfect for having coffee outside.  It's amazing at how much one takes activity for granted and it shocked me at how much I missed it.  

I had been gradually increasing my activity since last week, with my first day back at work on Tuesday morning, spent the day cleaning, mopping and waxing all day Wednesday, spent all day shopping with Donna on Thursday and food shopped and did lots of food prep before spending all weekend at work.  So the walk was just the next natural step and I'm looking at returning to Zumba tomorrow after dropping Tally at doggie day care.

Despite being disappointed that I've gained quite a few pounds (about 15!!!) for the first time in a goodly while I feel hopeful.  It's like the old new Andra has returned and that things are looking up.  Now that my mobility is back and my eating has been really good (lots of veggies, fruit, protein, limited grains, sugar and no wheat) I should see things start moving back in the right direction. 

I have some new recipes to share and I need to get back in the habit of snapping pics of my food.  I'll start rolling those out soon, it's been a bit weird getting used to using the PC that is upstairs when I was so used to using the laptop in the kitchen.  I miss my laptop, but alas, she is FUBAR.  We just need to pull all the files off of it and send it to the computer graveyard.  

That's all for now.  I have to get started on the laundry and get to tidying up.  I hope your Monday turns out to be a beautiful day.  Drop me a note and let me know how you are doing?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Honest to Goodness Good News

I've been cleared to return to work on Monday!  My pain is so much less and I have been sleeping like a baby.  I've been off all medications for several days now.  I have been slowly increasing my activity, walking and standing and even cooking.  Not being able to spend time pottering in my kitchen making yogurt or planning meals has been torture.  I even went to Costco on Wednesday able walk around without too much pain.

Today I had my second acupuncture treatment.  So what do I think?  Well, like Neil Diamond and the Monkees, I'm a believer!  I went in with an open mind and came out with remarkable stress and pain relief.  My sister tried to describe how it feels when the needle in inserted, that she felt "electricity" going through her body.  And it really feels like that, like electric current flowing up through the top of my head and down through my toes.  As far as I'm concerned it was the pain and stress leaving my body.  Chiuying, my therapist also applied deep heat, electrical stimulation and did acupressure points.  She did ear apex bloodletting before the first treatment.  It is said that pricking and bleeding the top of the ear will release heat and inflammation from the body.  She has a very gentle touch and does a really good health assessment before starting treatment.  If you are local to Cobb County, I highly recommend the Kennesaw Acupuncture Clinic. 

I'm really looking forward to getting back to work.  I miss my co-workers and residents.  I'm looking forward to getting back to walking again.  I'm looking forward to a time when both Tally and I are in good health at the same time and can walk together every day. 

I have to catch up on bill paying and paper work now, I have not been able to sit at this desk for any length of time and want to take advantage.  Have a beautiful weekend!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back Update: Day Nine

Thank you for all the well-wishes and good thoughts.  I wish I had something more exciting to post so unless you want  juicy details on the first three seasons of Mad Men, it's just a health update.

Wednesday was the worst pain day and I hadn't had much sleep in the previous four nights.  I was a wreck!  I got an emergency appointment with our primary physician because I needed pain medicine.  He prescribed a small amount of pain killers and muscle relaxers which were a godsend, really.  I have been sleeping like a baby.  I've seen the Chiropractor daily and by Thursday evening I felt like a little progress was made.  This morning was the best morning of all, still in pain, but I can actually move around a bit better.  I was able to get in and out of the tub!  You have no idea how wonderful that long hot soak felt.  Just heavenly.

I'm back at the Chiro tomorrow and Tuesday I'm going to try acupuncture for the first time.  I'm excited because I have read so many great reports about pain relief stemming from acupuncture treatments. 

If you've ever tried acupuncture, I would love to hear your experiences.

I'm getting fatter by the second.  No movement and stress eating is a bad combination.  I'm trying not to stress about it because stress just exacerbates the back pain.  Hopefully by this time next week I'll be well enough to start my walking again.  Rob is out at the mountain with Tally right now and I wish I could be with them.  The Diabetes walk is just two months away and I will devastated if I can't participate.  

Tally has been doing so well, her tummy troubles seem to be well behind us and she's been so sweet to me, it's almost like she senses that I'm not quite myself.  

Until next time...send healing vibes my way, be happy, be healthy and always protect your back no matter what you do!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quick Update

Tally is doing great, I'm so pleased and the lightened stress load about her health is helping immensely.  Unfortunately, I am out of commission.  I missed work yesterday and today.  I had my first adjustment at the Chiropractor yesterday along with a 30 minute trigger point and heat massage.  I'm still in a lot of pain but the numbness in my right leg is gone and that is a small but significant sign of progress.

I will see Dr. Melodie every day this week and will rest, do light stretches and apply moist heat as she prescribed in hopes that I can return to work on the weekend and get back to my usual routine next week.  I'm climbing the walls, thank heavens for Mad Men on Netflix streaming or I don't know what I'd do.

This just makes me appreciate and miss my mobility so much, it is not something that is to be taken for granted.  Just taking Tally out to do tee-tee has become an excruciating endeavor.  If you are able, get out there and take your dog for a walk, pick some flowers, walk around the mall.  Anything!  I will be back moving with you as soon as humanly possible.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Fun Blog

Not!  I'm starting to think that someone, somewhere has put a curse on me.  Because just when I get Tally's stomach issues in order and she's been patched up after the attack and feeling better, I hurt my back. 

I woke up Saturday morning unable to bend, twist or basically anything that one's back is required for.  I can't stand for too long, nor sit for too long.   I have no idea what I did other than sleeping quite deeply in a strange position on the edge of the bed because Tally is a bed hog.  I was hoping a good night's sleep in a proper position would help but I'm still hurting this morning.

Can't miss work tomorrow, which I am dreading but I will take myself to the Chiropractor straight after.  I'm hoping a few adjustments will have me back to normal and that it isn't something more serious.  My frustration is at fever pitch because I am not a good patient.  I'm working hard at not feeling sorry for myself.  Send good vibes and a young priest and an old priest!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Better to Bad to Worse

I had been keeping Tally out of the park because she gets sick to her stomach every time she visits.  I found another park that's much cleaner and thought I would try it out this morning because she really needed a good run and play.  No good deed goes unpunished and now Tally is at the vet again.  Another dog showed up and according to the owner "we've had her five years but this is the first time at the park, I'm not sure how she is with other dogs."  When Tally tried to play (play bow and jumping) this dog bared her teeth, started snarling and attacked Tally.  There's your answer you stupid cow.  

One does not take an unsocialized dog to the park.  Just no!  Tally came away with a bloody ear, face and back leg and I've got a knot that goes from the pit of my stomach all the way up to my throat.  She doesn't need sutures but will need to be sedated so Dr. Dunn can give all her cuts a good cleaning.  Not sure how long she will be there but I'll be a wreck until I she's back home and safe.

In other news, our laptop died, the one I do all my blogging from.  I have a barely used PC in the upstairs office, where I am now, but I just don't get inspired to blog sitting up here.  Hopefully it's just the power supply like Rob suspects.  Enough whining, things could be worse.  Speaking of which, have you read the news about the raw milk buying club in California that was raided SWAT-style and shut down?  

Nourished Kitchen has all the latest details.  It makes for a very interesting and infuriating read.  I'm a bit too upset about other things to be completely coherent with my thoughts on this.  Imagine, though, things like corn syrup can be advertised as being safe and healthy on TV and is present in every food we eat, but people who are trying to make healthier choices and bring them to their community are treated like criminals.  It's disgusting.

One of my facebook friends said it best...
Well after all, raw milk *is* a gateway drug. Who knows what kind of inexpensive, non-pharma-dependent health it could unleash??
Whether you are a fan of raw milk or not, what are your thoughts on this issue?