Thursday, August 4, 2011

Better to Bad to Worse

I had been keeping Tally out of the park because she gets sick to her stomach every time she visits.  I found another park that's much cleaner and thought I would try it out this morning because she really needed a good run and play.  No good deed goes unpunished and now Tally is at the vet again.  Another dog showed up and according to the owner "we've had her five years but this is the first time at the park, I'm not sure how she is with other dogs."  When Tally tried to play (play bow and jumping) this dog bared her teeth, started snarling and attacked Tally.  There's your answer you stupid cow.  

One does not take an unsocialized dog to the park.  Just no!  Tally came away with a bloody ear, face and back leg and I've got a knot that goes from the pit of my stomach all the way up to my throat.  She doesn't need sutures but will need to be sedated so Dr. Dunn can give all her cuts a good cleaning.  Not sure how long she will be there but I'll be a wreck until I she's back home and safe.

In other news, our laptop died, the one I do all my blogging from.  I have a barely used PC in the upstairs office, where I am now, but I just don't get inspired to blog sitting up here.  Hopefully it's just the power supply like Rob suspects.  Enough whining, things could be worse.  Speaking of which, have you read the news about the raw milk buying club in California that was raided SWAT-style and shut down?  

Nourished Kitchen has all the latest details.  It makes for a very interesting and infuriating read.  I'm a bit too upset about other things to be completely coherent with my thoughts on this.  Imagine, though, things like corn syrup can be advertised as being safe and healthy on TV and is present in every food we eat, but people who are trying to make healthier choices and bring them to their community are treated like criminals.  It's disgusting.

One of my facebook friends said it best...
Well after all, raw milk *is* a gateway drug. Who knows what kind of inexpensive, non-pharma-dependent health it could unleash??
Whether you are a fan of raw milk or not, what are your thoughts on this issue?


  1. So sorry about Tally!

    There seems to be more going on with the Rawesome raid than that article addresses. If you follow links in the comments it becomes apparent that Rawesome has been accused of some fraudulent activities and more which have made people sick. (I have no idea if that's true, but the accusations are quite public.) I suspect that some of that controversy helped propel this raid.

    In general, I'm all for the legality of raw milk. However, I wish it could be monitored properly rather than just through buying clubs etc. Our CSA in CO offered raw milk shares which were delicious and I never heard of single illness resulting from the milk. However, some friends in Boulder who got raw milk from another supplier did become ill. They later visited the farm supplying the milk and found highly unsanitary/unsafe conditions.

    At the moment, I wouldn't buy raw milk products unless I've visited the farm and observed the processes for sanitation and storage -- preferably on more than one occasion and without prior notice to the farmer. Ideally, there would be formal government oversight of those issues so that raw milk could be more widely available without putting that burden on the consumer.

  2. Thanks kaki, I have not had the chance to delve deeper since my day started off so poorly. If there is shady goings on, then by all means officials should step in. I agree about seeing the farm, I toured my local before buying in.

  3. Awww, I hope Tally heals quickly. I love my dogs, but I would never take them to a dog park to run unleashed. They're sweethearts, but they both have to get used to other dogs before they can be civilized with them.

  4. I am so mad at that stupid dog park cow right now, I seriously can't see straight. I will be curious to read about the raw milk raid when my brain cools off ;-) It does sound incredibly ham-fisted on the surface so I am curious to see what the realy story is (should it ever become apparent!)

  5. Poor Tally.

    As far as raw food, I think if people want to purchase it, they should be able to. It almost seems like there has to be something more to that story, though.

  6. oh, poor Tally - and all she did was try to be friendly! Stupid woman, what was she thinking? Oh wait...she didn't!

    As for raw milk, drank it from our own cows growing up with no problem. Nowadays, like you, I'd have to visit the source and know the provider. But it shouldn't be illegal!

  7. Poor Tally! People really do not use their best judgment sometimes - Did you at least the idiot's address to send her the vet bill? Hope your baby is on the mend soon! Poor thing!