Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Fun Blog

Not!  I'm starting to think that someone, somewhere has put a curse on me.  Because just when I get Tally's stomach issues in order and she's been patched up after the attack and feeling better, I hurt my back. 

I woke up Saturday morning unable to bend, twist or basically anything that one's back is required for.  I can't stand for too long, nor sit for too long.   I have no idea what I did other than sleeping quite deeply in a strange position on the edge of the bed because Tally is a bed hog.  I was hoping a good night's sleep in a proper position would help but I'm still hurting this morning.

Can't miss work tomorrow, which I am dreading but I will take myself to the Chiropractor straight after.  I'm hoping a few adjustments will have me back to normal and that it isn't something more serious.  My frustration is at fever pitch because I am not a good patient.  I'm working hard at not feeling sorry for myself.  Send good vibes and a young priest and an old priest!


  1. Having had a herniated disk from doing nothing, I hope yours is just a tweaked muscle.

  2. I hope your back works the kinds out soon! And tell Miss Tally not to take her share of the bed out of your side only!

  3. Thanks all! I have been icing my back on and off all day, which has provided some relief.

  4. I know the chiropractor will help set you right. I hate that you have had this stretch of disasters! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!