Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quick Update

Tally is doing great, I'm so pleased and the lightened stress load about her health is helping immensely.  Unfortunately, I am out of commission.  I missed work yesterday and today.  I had my first adjustment at the Chiropractor yesterday along with a 30 minute trigger point and heat massage.  I'm still in a lot of pain but the numbness in my right leg is gone and that is a small but significant sign of progress.

I will see Dr. Melodie every day this week and will rest, do light stretches and apply moist heat as she prescribed in hopes that I can return to work on the weekend and get back to my usual routine next week.  I'm climbing the walls, thank heavens for Mad Men on Netflix streaming or I don't know what I'd do.

This just makes me appreciate and miss my mobility so much, it is not something that is to be taken for granted.  Just taking Tally out to do tee-tee has become an excruciating endeavor.  If you are able, get out there and take your dog for a walk, pick some flowers, walk around the mall.  Anything!  I will be back moving with you as soon as humanly possible.


  1. I take the dog for a walk each and every day. Often, it's in the car we go to go walk somewhere other than my neighborhood. He loves exploring almost as much as I do.

  2. You make a good point - we often take for granted that we are able bodied, until something such as your situation puts us out of commission. I hope you are feeling better soon (and am happy to hear your Tally is on the mend)....and I will take you up on being active today - thanks for the much needed kick in the pants reminder to get moving!

  3. Just curious if you are having low back pain? I just stumbled across this post and read that you went to a chiropractor. Did he give you any self management exercises?

  4. Brando: It is my whole pelvic girdle, muscle pain and spasm due to my hips and sacrum being out of alignment. I am doing gentle stretches as prescribed by my Chiropractor, Dr. Melodie (whom is a she, btw.) I do look forward to when exercise is indicated for me to strengthen the muscles back up in that area.