Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Honest to Goodness Good News

I've been cleared to return to work on Monday!  My pain is so much less and I have been sleeping like a baby.  I've been off all medications for several days now.  I have been slowly increasing my activity, walking and standing and even cooking.  Not being able to spend time pottering in my kitchen making yogurt or planning meals has been torture.  I even went to Costco on Wednesday able walk around without too much pain.

Today I had my second acupuncture treatment.  So what do I think?  Well, like Neil Diamond and the Monkees, I'm a believer!  I went in with an open mind and came out with remarkable stress and pain relief.  My sister tried to describe how it feels when the needle in inserted, that she felt "electricity" going through her body.  And it really feels like that, like electric current flowing up through the top of my head and down through my toes.  As far as I'm concerned it was the pain and stress leaving my body.  Chiuying, my therapist also applied deep heat, electrical stimulation and did acupressure points.  She did ear apex bloodletting before the first treatment.  It is said that pricking and bleeding the top of the ear will release heat and inflammation from the body.  She has a very gentle touch and does a really good health assessment before starting treatment.  If you are local to Cobb County, I highly recommend the Kennesaw Acupuncture Clinic. 

I'm really looking forward to getting back to work.  I miss my co-workers and residents.  I'm looking forward to getting back to walking again.  I'm looking forward to a time when both Tally and I are in good health at the same time and can walk together every day. 

I have to catch up on bill paying and paper work now, I have not been able to sit at this desk for any length of time and want to take advantage.  Have a beautiful weekend!

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