Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Clear!

Tally has a "lick granuloma" on her leg.  She got an abrasion as she was tearing around the house yesterday morning and licked it until it was raw.  I don't know when she had the time to do this since she was up my keister all day.  We have a cortisone spray to spritz on Tally's  granuloma several times a day, much to her chagrin.  

As for my car, nothing is wrong with it.  My husband couldn't start it, nor could the AAA guy, so he towed it away.  Apparently AAA has a magic tow truck because the car started once it arrived at the dealer.  The check up came away clear and I drove it off the lot an hour ago with no charge, yay!

I'm just back from the market having topped up on nuts, salad fixings (I'm currently obsessed with baby romaine lettuce) and Honey crisp apples!  I also go some grass fed ground beef, bananas, roasted red peppers, dill pickles, hot habanero cheese, peanut butter and baby carrots.  Sounds like an odd mix, but it was a touch up shopping.  I have lots of pantry and freezer staples to work with so I just needed a few fresh items to round out meals and snacks.

We're having pork loin chops with roasted acorn squash and mixed veggies.  I may roast a pear or apple with the acorn squash.  It is finally fall, after all.

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  1. Glad to hear that Tally and your car are ok! I must say I am very happy it's fall as well. Looking forward to your vacay post! :)