Monday, November 14, 2011

Home, but for How Long?

I have been away since Wednesday and I have so much to share!  I've been sitting on this news for about six weeks but now that everything is finalized and the plans are in motion, I can share all the details.

Rob accepted a position with a new company.  It was, as they say, an offer he couldn't refuse.  Today is his first official day.  The company is located in Newport News, Virginia.  We just spent the better part of the last five days touring Williamsburg, which is going to be our new hometown.  I admit that I was so hopeful that we'd love it but had no idea what to expect.  What's the verdict?  My dear husband who doesn't gush, spent the entire time gushing like a school girl after her first viewing of Twilight.

In addition to cutting the distance to my family and friends in Boston IN HALF (hello doable driving distance) and getting us much closer to the coast (just an hour to the beach) Williamsburg is just lovely.  I'll be back with a full trip report with more pics, food porn and dining reviews (who knew that Williamsburg was a foodie's haven?) so you can see for yourself.  But here is a little taste.

Thomas Jefferson in Merchant's Square writing 
the Declaration of Independence

Colonial horses

One of the many bodies of water surrounding "The Peninsula"

York River at Historic Yorktown

The James River at Jamestown, first settlement 1607

Next step is to get Shady Dame on the market, we'll do that after the first of the year.  I will miss this beautiful home, along with having my dear friend Donna being so close by and of  course the great staff at work but other than that there isn't much I'm going to miss about the urban sprawl that is Metro Atlanta.  I think it's going to be just what the doctor ordered for this girl who has spent each passing year a little more homesick.  Wish us luck!

Have you ever visited Williamsburg?  Do you live in the area, any advice?


  1. Oh my goodness, how exciting that you're moving! Looking forward to more pictures, especially the food porn :D :D

  2. Having some blogger commenting issues tonight.

    Not sure if my first comment went through, but congratulations!

  3. How exciting! did you get to research the local produce options? Will you be finding a place to do an even bigger garden?

  4. Mr. Gershman, you are getting to know me all too well! Virginia has some amazing farmland and I'll have access to all sorts of grass fed and pastured products. I'll probably buy a share in a cow, too, as it's the only way to get raw milk due to the laws. And yes, a nice sunny yard for a garden would be awesome!

  5. Congratulations to both of you! That is super exciting news and I am so happy for you. I love Virginia. It's one of my favorite states to visit. The "horse country" is one of the most beautiful parts of the country (aside from my own home, of course!) I can't wait to read all about your new adventures.

  6. wow, congratulations to Rob, and how wonderful for you! I visited Williamsburg with my grandparents when I was about 10 or 11; since it's been more than 45 years, I don't have any advice, LOL! I do remember how wonderful it was to visit, though. And lucky you getting to be nearer your family!

  7. Oh, I ADORE Williamsburg!! I went to college in Norfolk, and Wmsbg was a second home to me. I still miss it. I'm so happy for you, it's such a wonderful city with wonderful people in it. Virginia's a gorgeous state and I really hope that you enjoy it!

  8. Congtats on the news! You will love Virginia! I live about an hour west in Richmond and have been to Williamsburg many times! Plenty of acccess to local produce, beef, etc. I am a transplant from Michigan and have lived in Virginia for 12 years now, I love it.

  9. We'll miss you here in GA, but Williamsburg is lovely. When I was little my family would vacation there.

  10. I'm so late to the party, but congrats! I live a bit further north (Alexandria), but Williamsburg is lovely (lots of good outlet shopping too) and you'll be close to the beach and Richmond and you'll love it, it's a gorgeous area. Welcome (prematurely) to VA!