Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Turducken Verdict

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving with your friends and family.  My day started at 5:30am when I got up, showered and dressed and headed to work.  Working a holiday is usually lighthearted and fun but this year is was a crazy stressful day. I was so happy when it was time to head home.

When I arrived at home the first thing I noticed was that house did NOT smell like Thanksgiving.  The Turducken had been in the oven for about 4 hours by this time so it was too late to regret our decision.  We had a glass of bubbly and watched the parade while we finished up the meal.  I had already made the green bean casserole, gravy, cranberry conserve and dessert the day before but still hadn't decided what to do with the potatoes.  The Turducken decided for us as it had rendered the most amazing rich duck fat, an opportunity I wasn't going to let go to waste.  We boiled up the Dutch gold potatoes, halved them and then roasted them in the hot duck fat until they were golden brown and crusty.  HEAVEN!


It was difficult to carve, looks like a hot mess

Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

So, what's the verdict?  While the Turducken didn't smell or taste like the Thanksgiving I'm used to, IT WAS DELICIOUS!  I'm so glad we tried it and there's one more thing ticked off my culinary bucket list.  We especially loved the duck, it was so tender and flavorful.  Rob and I never thought we would want to roast a whole duck, but we do now and probably will at some time during the holiday season. 

Tally is feeling much better, her paw healed up nicely and she enjoyed the evening in the best seat in the house.  I am so thankful for my family, on Thanksgiving Day and every day.

We had Indian pudding for dessert.  Cornmeal, milk, eggs, molasses and spices all baked up in a crock in the oven.  Served warm with vanilla gelato, this certainly smelled and tasted like a traditional New England Thanksgiving.  A perfect end to the day.

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  1. Your dog is so cute! It sounds like you had an awesome meal. Note to self, try turducken one day :)

  2. When you open your comfort foods restaurant in Williamsberg, I'll visit.

  3. I just like how turducken sounds. It's a very funny word. I'd definitely try it one day. :)

    I LOVE the picture of the dog in baby-position though.. jeez, does it get any cuter`?

  4. Glad Tally is doing good!

    That turkducken sounds goods. We are going to cook either a goose or duck for Christmas. My brother-in-law raised turkeys, duck,and geese this year.