Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blah Tuesday

Rob returned home safely on Friday night, I'm so grateful to have him back.  Don't even get me started on how thrilled Tally was when her Bunny walked through the door.  I thought she was going to shake her tail right off.  

I'm pleased with the way my workouts are going, the 28 day Shapeover is a great weight lifting plan and my walks with Tally are also going well.  But the eating, that's another story.  I think I ate my weight in potato chips last night and may have drunk just a little bourbon.  And by a little, I mean a double on the rocks just like the Reverend Mosby in The Parent Trap

We had a follow-up meeting with the realtor yesterday.  I felt fairly hopeful after our initial meeting, but I was crestfallen and feeling defeated this time.  Three houses popped up for sale in our neighborhood, two for short-sale and another priced so low that it hurts to think about.  We are so looking forward to moving to Virginia but we just can't afford to give our house away at the closing table.  Rob and I have a lot to think about and I'm pretty much beside myself.  So not an excuse for my less than healthy behavior, but a trigger just the same.

I know I have too much great in my life to feel sorry for myself but it will take awhile for me to process that it may be much longer before we get to where we want than originally planned.  Patience has not always been my strong suit.  Perhaps a lesson for me here, time will tell because my inner brat isn't very receptive at the moment.

How is your week going?  I'm off to work this evening then off to food shop for Rob's birthday dinner and the holiday weekend tomorrow morning after the gym.  We're not doing much for the holidays but Rob is turning 45 and I'm making a special dinner for us and some dear friends.  What are your big plans for the weekend?


  1. It is hard to put a house on the market at this time of year. Most activity starts in the spring and if you can wait that long, you might have a better chance at getting the price you want to get.

    We are getting ready to host the Christmas eve dinner, as always. Gotta get through the work week first, though!

  2. I know your pain...after trying for over 9 months in 2010 to sell our house, we took it off the market...may try again in January or so, but know in my heart it may be a big loss.

    And it would likely be worth it considering the mortgage still has to get paid no matter what.

  3. Sorry your house-selling isn't going as planned.. I'm thinking now's not the right time? My husband and I are looking for a house ourselves, but we stopped looking mid December because "now's not the time". I'm not sure if that's how it works in the states, just an idea!

  4. I understand how frustrating moving can be. All I can say is, trust that your home will sell at just the right time for you to find a perfect new home. It may not happen when you want it to, or at the time you think is right, but it will happen at the right time.

    My husband and I went through a recent home hunt (renting, not buying) and we lost out on so many options we loved, but days after we lost a lovely house by just a couple of hours, we found the perfect house, where we're living now. Patience is a hard thing for me, too.