Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Not that it's much toil or trouble, but tossing some roasted meat on the bone and some leeks in a pot and bringing it to a bubble will make the house smell delectable.  Rob has been away working for 16 days now and won't be back until Friday and I want to make sure he comes home to something nourishing and homey after eating in restaurants for three weeks.  I bought some beautiful kale and carrots and will add them to the pot after the meat is fork tender and the bones have given up the marrow.  The two grass fed, dry aged beef short ribs will make the broth luxurious.  I wish you could know how good it smells in here right now!

I was disappointed to find that Whole Foods had nothing in the way of soup bones, neither beef nor poultry so I had to buy more meat than I wanted to just to get the bones.  Maybe that was their evil plan all along.  Once we're settled in Virginia, we are going to invest in a meat locker so we can source local grass fed beef bones and pastured poultry bones/necks at bulk prices and stock up.  Haha, stock, get it?

Bone stock is one of the best defenses against the common cold that can run wild this time of year. While the masses are out getting flu shots, drinking Emergen-C by the gallon and bathing in Purell, I'm going to be eating soup and stews made with my homemade stock stock, I'm also making sure I get lots of sleep, stay hydrated, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, take my Vitamin D every day as well as eat lots of citrus fruit.  The ruby red grapefruit is coming in to season and it has been delicious.  And don't forget hand washing!  As a nurse, I'm well versed in the art of hand washing and it really is the first line of defense against germs.

What are you going to do to avoid the nasty common cold this season?


  1. Since I discovered the neti pot and starting rinsing my sinuses at the first sign of a cold, I have very rarely had anything near a bad cold in years.

    I also think that taking fish oil every day has helped to improve my immune system.

  2. I had no idea stock was so good for avoiding colds. I've been doing pretty good this year: just one health issue in January, after freezing in Rome (unexpectedly, it was colder than in London because the heating was terrible where we were staying). I'll have to get a stock pot and stock up on bones. (Yes, that was intentional!)

    And NewMe, you just reminded me to start using my neti pot again. Thanks!