Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crawling Out from Under the Covers

My feeling "a little under the weather" on Sunday had bloomed itself into the plague by Monday morning and has continued to intensify all week.  I have not been this ill since we returned from Disney in 2009.  It's been a good run! 

I've had to cancel everything, including the dentist, the chiropractor, the realtor and worst of all, work, because I haven't been able to do anything other than sleep, stare at the television and sip hot broth.  Rob got me a jar of good old fashioned Vicks VapoRub and that's been helping me sleep at night.  It really does calm the cough.  

The good news is that in one feel swoop, I eliminated wine, sugar and most grains because I haven't had much of an appetite. Getting back to healthy eating once I'm feeling better is going to be so much easier after this unplanned detox. 

And in other really good news, Tally has become a lady of leisure of sorts.  Since just before Christmas she taken to sleeping in.  No more 5 and 6am wake up calls, she gets up when we do, my prayers have been answered.  Today, Princess Pointy Toes and I slept in until 8am.
Send healing chicken soup vibes, I'll be back when I kick this cold.  *crawls back under the covers*


  1. Yes...heal...heal...heal!

    That's for you...not the dog.

  2. Here is hoping you recover quickly!

  3. I hope you get over your cold soon! I find the only joy in being sick is the occasional weight loss. I bet your glad you got your little "sleep in" whilst you are sick.
    Hope your better soon.
    PS love your blog, your such a inspiration!

  4. hope u feel better! miss your posts, recipes, and inspiration!!