Sunday, January 22, 2012

*Crickets Crickets*

My last post went over like a lead filled balloon.   No one has any opinions on SOPA, the Internet as a distraction, hand milking a cow, nor are there any takers to join me for the Whole Living Action Plan.  I definitely need to learn how other bloggers get their readers so involved in fitness and weight loss challenges. 

I know dropped ball in 2011 as far as weight maintenance and fitness motivation and that must have carried over into my blog.  I'm planning on making that right this year.  After all, it's the Year of the Dragon!  If that doesn't spark some fierce determination, I don't know what will.

I've always purchased the January/February issue of Whole Living magazine with the lofty goal of taking on the challenge they present each year but have never done it.  This year's challenge looks totally tough but it's only three weeks.  I'm committing to the entire three weeks, here and now!  Tomorrow I will hit the market to purchase the items on the first week's shopping list. 

I don't usually like to focus on what I can't have but here is the must avoid list for the challenge...
  • processed food or beverages
  • added sugar
  • dairy
  • gluten
  • caffeine
  • alcohol
I do great without processed foods, most grains and added sugar and don't even mind giving up my wine and coffee/green tea for periods of time but I'm going to miss my raw milk and Greek yogurt for sure.

It's better to focus on what I'm going to have, so here is how the weeks will unfold...

Week 1
  • fruits, 
  • vegetables
  • plant-based fats, including nuts, seeds, and oils
Week 2:
  • week 1 foods
  • seafood
  • beans and lentils, and organic soy
Week 3:
  • weeks 1 and 2 foods
  • gluten-free grains and eggs
I'll likely modify the plan by avoiding soy and having extra portions of the vegetable juices.  Otherwise I'm going to follow the plan closely including the tips and exercises.  I will blog here with photos, recipes and how I'm doing on a regular basis.  I'll also post my reviews of the recipes and the plan itself as well as the shopping costs.  Click here for a look at week 1.  I'm off to print the first shopping list.  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Happy Year of the Dragon to you! Good luck with the whole living challenge.

    What is up with the dairy prohibition? That seems very arbitrary on their part. There have been a couple of long term studies of diet in the last year that highlight yogurt, especially, as having positive health benefits.

  2. Thanks Ilex. As stated in the magazine, dairy is an allergen for many people, as is gluten, that's why it is eliminated for this cleanse.

  3. I did no caffeine for a week and that was enough to do for a lifetime! I find it actually didn't do much for me (and certainly didn't help my sleep). I also don't want to give up dairy completely. I have cut down, though. I stopped my morning glass of milk and have almond mild instead.

  4. Andra...sorry you didn't get any blog love from your post. As you can imagine, the blogging community is probably still working on or shrugging off the kinds of challenges that started the first of the year. I'm proud to say that today marks the last day of the vegan challenge which I completed with flying colors and will continue to follow a vegan diet until I choose not too.

    As such...I'm doing pretty darned good from a Whole Living perspective and won't do much to change right now.

    Best wishes on your continued energy!

  5. I do wish you the very best of luck but I hate deprivation kinds of things. I'm doing good just to keep on my own little 'eat better' plan as it is, LOL!

    As for SOPA/PIPA, I posted on your FB comment that I took the day off the internet too, and then spent it on my computer anyway, LOL, cleaning off the hard drive and organizing bookmarks.

    Milking cows. I hated milking cows when I was a kid, because we had to as part of our morning chores. I hope you like it better than I did, LOL! We also had to gather eggs, and feed the dogie lambs (orphans) who lived in the coop with the chickens. We didn't have any pigs, thank goodness. I feel no desire whatsoever to slop one or more. Ever. We did have goats, though.

    I've had farm living, I know where my food comes from, and I am more than happy to let others who didn't have that fun growing up to have my share now.

    I hope Rob is doing better now!

  6. Stella, I had no idea you lived on a farm! You certainly walked the walk about knowing where your food comes from. I know it is terribly hard work, I want to get some first hand experience.

    Thanks for all the comments! I have to give you credit, Mr. Gershman, you have given me hope that I can live vegan for a short period of time.

  7. Lori,
    I'm not giving up coffee and dairy for good! Just for the three weeks for the challenge.

  8. The whole SOPA/PIPA thing is so stupid I don't even know what do say or do. It's shocking!

  9. One day at a time and one step at a time. You can do this.... Stop by and visit my blog... Love new friends