Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick Check-In

I really wanted to post last evening but I had the worst detox headache and just had to go to bed.  The headache had subsided somewhat this morning but stated rearing up this afternoon and evening.  I got out on a nice walk with Tally this morning but otherwise the energy level is low, I'm freezing cold (despite oddly warm weather) and I can't roam too far from the bathroom. 

This is a tough challenge for sure, but the recipes have been good for the most part.  I'll have some pics and reviews upcoming when I'm not feeling so rotten.  I spent $127 on all the produce which was mostly fresh veggies, some organic, supplemented with fresh and frozen fruit and plenty of dried fruit, raw nuts and seeds to last for the next few weeks. 

One of the steps in preparing for the cleanse was to write down the reasons for wanting to take part in the challenge.  I've been thinking about it (Why, God WHY???) while rubbing icy hot balm on the base of my neck trying to ease this headache.  I want to feel strong and healthy again and the only way to do achieve that is by feeding my body in a nourishing way.  When I'm nourishing my body, I have so much more energy and a more positive outlook which makes life joyful.  And because I'm not above a little vanity, I want my smallest jeans to fit again.


  1. LOL...we just got back from whole foods just to pick up a couple items and it turned out to be a major shopping experience! Don't shop without a list...oh well.

    Glad your detox is going'll feel sooo much better in the end (no pun intended as well if that is also part of it).

  2. I hear you on wanting the smaller jeans to fit again! I have one pair that I haven't been in for a year and wish I could get back down to that size. I might have to do one of those low food reward styles of eating to get things under better control (after vacation, of course!)

  3. Good luck! Hang in there. The detox symptoms are the worst. Are you drinking enough water? That may help with the headaches as well.