Friday, February 10, 2012

Spicy, Cheesy Collard Green Chips

Baked kale chips seem to be the go-t0 healthy snack food as of late.  I had been wanting to try making some but have had trouble finding good looking heads of kale this season.  So when I saw these big and beautiful local collards at the market, I thought "why not?" 

This isn't a recipe so much as a method.  It is dead easy and the flavors can be customizable in an infinite number of ways.  First, I washed and dried the collards, then cut out the rib.  I cut down the leaves into smaller pieces.  I had to work in batches for the next steps because it was a big bunch of greens.  I put the collard pieces in a bowl, tossed them with olive oil, a pinch of salt and a good shaking of Cayenne pepper.  I laid the greens in a single layer on two big rimmed baking sheets then sprinkled on some cheese.  I had a block of vintage cheddar from Trader Joe's in the fridge, so I grated that up.  Any hard cheese would work.

Into the preheated oven, 310 degrees worked perfect for my oven.  About 20 minutes later they were baked up to a perfect crisp.  I let them cool slightly then using a spatula, I transferred them to a paper towel lined plate.  I repeated the process until all the greens were baked up. 

The baking removed all the water from the greens and taking any trace of bitterness with it.  All that's left behind is spicy, cheesy crispy and delicious snack chips.  The texture is very similar to a baked Lay's chip.  I could not stop eating them!  Stored in an airtight container, they'll stay crisp and delicious as long as they last without being gobbled up.

You can try any flavor combo that you like, a BBQ dry rub or salt and vinegar or curry powder but I loved the heat from the Cayenne and the salty tang from the cheddar.  I hope you try them, if you do let me know how you like them!

Here are a couple random pics for this chilly Friday.  On our cruise we watched the sun set every single night from our balcony.  I took photos of all of them.  This one is my favorite...

And lastly, madam who needs no introduction. Look at those shoulders and abs! If only the grain-free diet could do for me what it does for Tally.

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  1. Yes! I think it is a wise suggestion for other greens to be brought to play. I've made kale chips several times and usually I'm too impatient to let them go all the way to true crispy. I've also used the curly kale and really should try the flat leaf kale (or other flat green) as it might truly crisp better.

    Eventually, I might just go the dehydrator method instead of the oven...but that'll be a far down the road, if ever, purchased appliance.