Monday, April 9, 2012

Hot Buns

My first foray into making homemade Hot Cross Buns was a success!  I used this foolproof recipe from Simply Recipes and made only a few minor changes. 

I used golden raisins and candied orange and lemon peel, had to omit the orange zest as I forgot buy an orange (d'oh!)  For the second rise,  I cut 12 buns and put them in a baking dish, covered t with plastic and put them in the fridge over night.  They proofed so nicely!

I let them come to room temp, brushed on an egg wash then baked them at 400F for 22 minutes until golden brown and oh-so-tempting.

I didn't ice them with an X because we wanted to eat them hot from the oven, split open and slathered with grassfed butter. 

And I didn't slash a cross in them before baking, resulting in our jokingly calling them "Hot Heathen Buns."  Whatever you choose to call them, these hot buns were absolutely delectable.  Nicely spiced, not too sweet and just perfect served warm with butter.

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