Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Road to Recovery?

My knee is feeling better, I've started building up my endurance walking Tally, up to an hour a day.  I'm still experiencing some stiffness and mild discomfort but the stretches my Chiropractor recommended is helping ward that off.  Aside from that I've been living in my head much of the time trying to figure out where things went wrong.  I feel so far from where I was a year to 18 months ago and I'm trying to figure out a way to pave the road back.  

The weight gain compounded by stress and injuries is like an anvil tied to my ankles, there really is no other way to explain it.  It's making it more and more difficult to keep my head above water.  I must stop coddling myself and start empowering and challenging myself once again.  Empowerment, more effective than tough love, because it doesn't ruffle the inner rebel's feathers, rather helps kick her into action.  Now that I'm much more mobile again, the empowerment is going to come a bit easier.  

I also need to start making goals for myself once again.  When I stopped making goals for myself, I stopped being as productive.  I even had a period of time when I stopped caring.  That was a scary place but I've definitely moved away from that toward a more positive light.  I still have some thinking and planning to do but this post was a good step in the right direction for me.  

I must place the goal of regaining my fitness front and center.  I visited a local cross fit gym to speak with the the owner/head trainer.  That went over like a lead filled cream puff.  Not that I was expecting a ticker-tape parade when I walked in, I was quite put off by the lukewarm reception.  I had gotten a card in the mail awhile back and placed it on my fridge.  The copy read "All ages, sizes and fitness levels welcome."  But the feedback during our exchange didn't really back that statement up.  I came away with a different picture.  He said cross fit is HARD, very hard and we don't want people in the class who don't want to be there. (Fair enough.) Cross fit is VERY EXPENSIVE, he actually told me to talk to my husband to see if we can afford it.  (Moderately offensive.)  And finally, let me take your number, don't call us, we'll call you.  (Yeah, I'll be waiting by the phone.) He never did call to follow up.  His business must be booming because he didn't seem interested in my money.  I feel disappointed.  I'm not afraid of paying for good service, nor am I afraid of a challenge. 

There is another gym that opened about in the last year or so, I'm going to go in and speak with them, I don't want to commit to any sort of contract yet.  I'm hoping I can get a week pass and then perhaps book month to month to see if I like it.  This gym is much more full service than the one I was a member of for the last three years.  There is a pool and lots of classes.  I'm hoping they have a squat cage, being away from weight lifting was yet another disservice I did to my body.  I must remedy that and soon.  

In other news, I'm at a loss without my camera, my sister should be sending it back after her two weeks in Disney, so not long now.  I'm going to do the farm chores tour at the farm on Saturday morning.  I'm so excited!  We're also having an underground fence installed for Tally.  We went back and forth on the matter and when we realized we can take all the equipment with us when we move, we went ahead and pulled the trigger.  The man is just finishing up now and the trainer is coming at 3pm with Tally's collar and to start training.  Tally is going to be one happy baby when she realizes she has the whole yard to run and jump and chase critters around in instead of just barking at them from the window.


  1. What an unfortunate crossfit experience. Lame. I sort of get that impression from a lot of crossfitters. Paleo, paleo all the way and crossfit, crossfit, crossfit!

    I think you are better off with NROLW or even Rachel Cosgrove's book at your own gym.

    If you ever need an email buddy, my box is open!

  2. Thanks Lori, the words of encouragement are appreciated. I had a very positive experience at a gym tour today and came away with a free pass. I'll be in there lifting on Monday!

  3. I read this a few days ago & got distracted before I commented (imagine that). I'm happy to hear that your knee is improving. You are the toughest and most determined person I know when you have a goal, so I am really confident that your renewed efforts are going to pay off. And I can't wait to hear about the farm visit!