Thursday, April 5, 2012

Skechers Shape-Ups: A Warning

I've been a fan of Skechers shoes for years and years but the Skechers Shape-Ups I picked up last week was the first time I purchased Skechers in a fitness capacity.  I bought them because of the springiness of the sole after hurting my knee (and the purple  cuteness was irresistible.) I was under no illusion that these types of walking shoes actually " aid weight loss or tone and shape the butt" as they claim.

Springy, for sure, but having experienced them for myself I'm not surprised about the danger warnings these types of shoes have.  They caused pain in my hips and ankles and my knees hurt worse when I took them off.  And the plantar fasciitis I have had in my left foot for 20 years (and only acts up on a really long hike) was burning like hell before I even got off the driveway. I only wore them twice, I shudder to think the damage that could have been done if I kept wearing them.  They have gone back to the shop!

I'm going to have to stick to New Balance for my choice walking/workout shoes.  They haven't failed me yet.  Sorry Skechers, I'll wear you for fashion but for fitness it's got to be New Balance all the way.

Have you tried Shape-Ups or the like, what was your experience?  What is your favorite fitness shoe?


  1. I have not tried the Skechers (or similar shoes) because the warnings scare me. But I do like my Clarks. The Wave design of the sole on the pair I have (which supposedly helps you roll into your steps) seems to be good for my temperamental knees. I bought them last summer after realizing my beloved Chucks made my feet hurt when I wore them for walking more than a block.

    Oddly, Clarks seems to have discontinued that line as all the models on their website are older designs. Even sadder, most of this year's designs come with bungee style closures rather than laces, which tend to be no-go for narrow feet.

    I do love my New Balance running shoes. I also love that lots of New Balance designs are made in the USA!

  2. New Balance Minimus and Vibrams. Shape Ups look like a disaster waiting to happen.

  3. My husband and I have th Skechers Shapeups and love them. It did take a while (like a couple of weeks) to get used to them. It felt very weird at first walking in them. Now, I wouldn't be without them. I didn't have any preexisting foot conditions --that may make a big difference in them working for me and not you.