Sunday, May 6, 2012

Food and Photos and Books

My camera has made it back from Boston via Walt Disney World! Now I can decorate the blog with my silly mug just for you. ;)

As you may be able to tell from the photo, I have decided to try letting my hair go natural. I've been coloring my hair in one way or another since I was probably 13 years old and have not seen my natural color since I tinted over that first gray at age 25. Another haircut or two and we'll see how it looks. It works for Jamie Lee Curtis, so I'm hopeful. 

I've had a few "real" food projects going on in the past week, one of them being my accidental crackers.

I made a fermented whole wheat dough packed with oats, flax and sunflower seeds.  I wanted a loaf of bread that was dense enough to slice thin and ended up with a brick. I sliced and toasted it and found it to be awesome so I went a step further and sliced the whole loaf and dried the slices low and slow in the oven.  The result was a whole bag full of crispy, crunchy sourdough crackers similar to Melba toast.  Keeper!

 I finished reading Rachel Cosgrove's The Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Strength-Training Plan for Losing Fat and Getting the Body You Want and will be starting the training program as soon as I pull my thumb out and decide which gym to join.

Meanwhile, I started implementing her nutrition plan, which is a good one; cutting out sugar and a vegetable (or fruit) and protein with every meal.  Good grains and good fats, too but the vegetables and protein at every meal is non-negotiable, which is a good rule of thumb for most people seeking to improve their overall health through nutrition.  She suggests eating every 3-4 hours to the tune of six meals a day, one meal being a protein recovery shake post-workout. I'm eating five times a day and will add in the shake once I kick-off the workouts.   Splurges are encouraged to about 10% of the meals each week but skipping veggies or skipping a meal counts as a splurge so I plan on making it a "planned indulgence" like a restaurant meal or wine.  Self-five! 

Here is a nice representation of the meal plan, grilled sockeye salmon and steamed snap beans and  baby carrots with tossed dill and a pat of grassfed butter. 

Now that I'm eating veggies with every meal and the farmer's markets are up and running, I picked up a couple of used books that I can't wait to dig into...


Tally is loving her new found freedom.  She's outside by choice all day digging,  terrorizing the local critters or just hanging out on the deck.  I've had to increase her food portions because she's doing so much running around.  My baby obviously doesn't take after her Mamma.

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  1. I heartily recommend that Greens cookbook. It taught me the basic cooking methods for greens, and then helped me develop a few less basic, and even tastier, staple ways to use them. This is invaluable in the summer when my CSA would give us bunches and bunches of kale, chard and "braising mix" every week.

    I'm looking forward to starting to eat more healthily when my new CSA kicks in at the end of the month.